Marvel Snap Dev reveals why Ego was included in the game

Marvel snap Developer Ben Brode recently explained why Second Dinner included Ego, a location on a living planet that plays both players’ cards. In any case, locations play a key role Marvel snap Play, forcing players to improvise no matter how strong their decks may be. However, Ego is a bit counter-intuitive as it plays the game for the players. Why Second Dinner thought this would be an exciting addition Marvel snap is at least interesting.

In every game of marvel Snap, there are three locations. They are initially hidden, with one location revealed each turn. These locations dramatically change the game’s landscape. You can make cards more powerful, limit card usage, or even destroy other locations. Ego is a rarity Marvel snap Location, but certainly one of the most impactful. As soon as Ego is revealed, whether in the first or third round, both players lose control. Ego’s AI decides which cards to play and who ultimately wins.


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Brode explained to IGN that Ego’s design went in the opposite direction. The second dinner was choosing places for Marvel snap and saw ego as a possibility. Brode says the team asked what a sentient place would do, to which they thought “maybe it would play your cards for you.” Instead of starting with the idea of ​​a location controlling the game, they started with Ego and decided to design it so that he could control the game.

Marvel Snap Cards

However, what cemented Second Dinner’s confidence in Ego to take control of the game is Marvel snap‘s unique snap mechanic. While players cannot play their own cards while Ego is in control, they control when to snap and when to retreat. This makes a first-person match much more like poker, where the bets are much higher stakes and where folding can save a player from a bad gamble.

While Brode doesn’t mention it, Marvel snap Gamers will also likely appreciate the fact that they can take their hands off the wheel for a game. There is no tension when it comes to outplaying an opponent. Ego will decide who wins and who loses, and there’s a randomness and fun that you don’t really find in other games.

Ego also has a card counterpart. The Agatha Harkness map starts in Marvel snap players’ hands and play their cards for them. It’s a way for Marvel snap Players can choose to let the AI ​​run their game instead of being surprised by Ego as a location. It would be interesting to hear if ego or harkness came first in Second Dinner’s design Marvel snap. But that’s a story for another time.

Marvel snap is now available on PC and mobile devices.

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Source: IGN Marvel Snap Dev reveals why Ego was included in the game

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