Lauren Conrad reunites with Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti on Laguna Beach Podcast

It only lasted 18 years, but Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad, aka two-thirds of the Lagoon beach Triangular relationships that occupied the lives of many millennials in the mid-80s have reunited. They’re now back together for an apologetic chat that should finally smash the rivalry between Team Lauren and Team Kristin once and for all.

In case you missed out, Kristin and her high school ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti hosted one together Lagoon beach Podcast called for rewatch Back to the beach. So far, it’s been surprisingly revealing as they revisit season 1 of the MTV reality soap and poured out about what was “real” and what wasn’t (spoilers: a lot of was not).

In the final episode, which aired Tuesday morning, the couple got back together lagoon and The hills Fan favorite guides Lauren, aka LC, through all of her high school drama. Of course Lauren was lagoon‘s season one narrator and the angel of Kristin’s devil (at least according to MTV’s savvy editors), who pined for Stephen in his tumultuous, on-and-off relationship with Kristin.

But apparently that’s all in the past now, as Kristin and Lauren started the conversation by happily recalling going to a house party in LA after theylagoon.

“We had so much fun together! I just want everyone to know we’ve had a handful of really great times together,” Kristin said.

Lauren agreed, telling Stephen, “Once you left, it was great.” Kristin agreed, “You were the problem Stephen!”

According to the three, Lauren and Kristin got into a fight at a high school dance just before MTV showed up at her high school to cast and film Lagoon beach. When the cameras started, everything was more or less smoothed out, but the producers apparently took the Lauren vs. Kristin storyline and ran with it.

“In my opinion, neither of us really ever had beef,” Kristin continued to tell Lauren Back to the beach. “Obviously there was some truth to what happened to the three of us, but I felt like the coming of MTV kept it alive and made it a lot worse than it ever could have been.”

“I think it was ready when they started filming,” Lauren agreed. “That’s what I remember: I remember everything happened and then it was formal? It was like the week before they started filming, we got into it and then made up again. … And it was fine. And they came and… I don’t think we were best friends, but we were fine.”

“We never had an issue with each other,” Kristin said, to which Lauren countered, “I mean, we had an issue with each other, but it got crushed.”

The two then revisited all the drama that happened during the gang’s spring break trip to Cabo, where Kristin drunkenly danced at a bar while Stephen looked on jealously, repeatedly calling her a slut before turning to Lauren for comfort.

“My biggest regret is seeing it, I called you a bitch. I’m so sorry,” Lauren said to Kristin after explaining that she recently rewatched several episodes of the first season in full for the first time. “I couldn’t believe I did that. Because I think where I am now I would never call another woman that or girl. And it was the most embarrassing moment for me, like, oh gross.”

“Well, thanks,” Kristin said. “I called you a bitch in a later episode and wanted to apologize to you too. … I said some really stupid things. And my thing is, looking at it now, I think I wasn’t confident at all. I was actually so insecure and took it out on you in many ways. And I’m sorry about that because I said some terrible things.”

“My biggest regret seeing it, I called you a bitch. I am sorry. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.”

(It should be noted that Stephen thankfully apologized profusely to Kristin in a previous episode of Kristin Back to the beach, after rewatching the Cabo episode. Because he’s certainly partly to blame for that.)

Lauren then added, “When we watched it, we were all so discerning [about] She. I’ve been doing the exact same thing all week.”

“Many Thanks!” answered Kristin. “That was my thing, I thought I wasn’t the only one dancing at a bar.”

When asked how she thought she was portrayed on the show, Lauren — who currently runs a clothing line and lives in Laguna Beach with her husband and children — spilled some tea about not only pitifully neglecting her entire senior Stephen longed for years of high school, despite what we’ve seen on TV.

“I think they took a little piece of me and used it. Like I often sit in a corner and watch you guys eerily, which is kind of embarrassing,” Lauren said. “And what’s funny, Season 1 was basically our last year. And I had several friends during this time. What I am, I feel so bad for you if you’ve ever seen this. They were like, ‘Oh man, she’s just after this guy.’”

When Kristin remarked, “They really hammered home the love triangle,” Lauren agreed, saying, “They really did. They didn’t want me to have anything else.”

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Stephen later chimed in, saying: “It’s completely lopsided because you’re the narrator and [Kristin and I] are wild and it’s this hurricane. And sweet Lauren, you gotta cheer her on.”

Among other juicy tidbits from the episode was that Lauren apparently “made out with Talan” during Season 1 filming [Torriero]’ to which Kristin exclaimed, ‘We all did!’ Elsewhere, Lauren and Stephen laugh about how they dated for two weeks in seventh grade; Lauren toasts for layering her tank tops (which one of us?!); and they all agree that Trey Phillips did best of all. They’re also teasing the possibility of planning a bigger event to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary, which would be coming up in 2024.

Before that, though, Kristin and Stephen confirmed they’ll be back to recap Season 2 of lagoon on Back to the beach after a short break. To date, her Season 1 Recap episodes have included guest appearances from former cast members Phillips, Christina Schuller, Morgan Olsen and Dieter Schmitz, as well as series creator and executive producer Liz Gateley. So we’re patiently awaiting news on who will be joining them for the second installment of episodes.

And thankfully, the first two seasons of Lagoon beach (we don’t acknowledge the disappointing third season in this House) will be comfortable Meet Netflix So this Friday, November 11th, there’s plenty of time to binge-watch before Kristin and Stephen continue baaaaack…back to the startnnnn. Lauren Conrad reunites with Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti on Laguna Beach Podcast

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