Kojima Productions will remain independent “as long as I live,” says Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima seems to keep getting offers for Kojima Productions be acquired, but he insists on remaining independent until he is dead.

If you’ve somehow missed the last seven years of Kojima-related news, he started his own studio in 2015 after a rather messy divorce konami. His own studio, named after him, has remained independent ever since, and the Solid metal gear The Creator has no intention of changing that. As in the last episode of his Spotify podcast, he made it clear that Kojima Productions is staying away from a buyout (via Eurogamer).

“I started this company in December 2015 after leaving Konami,” Kojima explained on his podcast. “It was 100 percent out of my pocket – no funding from anyone. We’re indies, we have no affiliations and endorsements from anyone and have good relationships with everyone in the industry.

“Every day I get offers from all over the world to buy our studio. Some of these offers are ridiculously high prices, but it’s not like I want money. I want to do what I want to do. That’s why I created this studio. So as long as I live, I don’t think I’ll ever take up those offers.”

I wasn’t exaggerating about the “stay until he’s dead” thing. It’s not particularly surprising that Kojima would want to retain control of his company, given how things ended with Konami (still mad about Silent Hills, although Silent Hill f looks good so far).

As for what’s next for Kojima, the game maker recently teased somewhat obnoxiously his next project, which is likely to be the much-rumoured Overdose. Some gameplay for this particular project surfaced online earlier this week, though it’s easily one of the weirder ways a leak has been shown. You’ll see what I mean. Kojima Productions will remain independent “as long as I live,” says Hideo Kojima

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