Kanye West censored by Free Speech platform, which he praised

Two weeks ago it was revealed that rapper Kanye West – now known as Ye – was planning to buy right-wing social media site Parler after being temporarily booted from Instagram and Twitter for anti-Semitic posts.

Although West has moved to the Free Speech site, he is still not free from censorship as Parler flagged a West post with a content warning on Friday afternoon.

In a “talk” — the equivalent of a tweet — released midday, West wrote that he was “starting to think” that the term “anti-Semitic” was just a euphemism for the N-word.

Shortly after the message was sent, Parler completely hushed West’s post in her platform’s Apple application.

“Apple bans this content on iOS apps. Check it out on Parler for Web,” reads the notice applied by Parler. In particular, the Westpost remains live on its website.

Similar to Parler, Twitter removed an identical West tweet that was sent Friday midday that contained the N-word.

In Apple’s developer guidelines, the company states that developers must ensure that their products are hate-free.

The manual includes a section dedicated to “Objectionable Content”. “Apps should not contain content that is offensive, insensitive, disturbing, repulsive, exceptionally distasteful, or just downright creepy,” the developer guide states.

Parler representatives and a West attorney did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request Friday night. In a press release after buying Parler, West spoke highly of the site plagued by low engagement. “In a world where conservative opinions are considered controversial, we must ensure we have the right to express ourselves freely,” he said.

Parler — once a popular MAGAworld social media platform — has a long history of breaking Apple’s rules. After the Capitol riots on January 6, the app was removed from the Apple App Store for violating extremist content guidelines. Over a year later, the app was allowed back into the App Store after Parler placed guard rails on its website — but all the while potential users flocked to other right-leaning alternatives, including Donald Trump’s Truth Social and Gettr.

Parler, who covered up West’s post on Friday, didn’t go unnoticed by Gab, a rival on the wide-ranging social media platform who once had a “porn bot” problem they blamed on a competitor.

“Both Parler and Twitter censored Yes Post lol,” they wrote. Kanye West censored by Free Speech platform, which he praised

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