John Fetterman’s Republican predecessor Pat Toomey blames Trump for the great loss of Dr. responsible

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), who will be replaced in Congress by Democrat John Fetterman next January, admitted Thursday that former President Donald Trump had no positive impact on the Republican ticket in Pennsylvania — where far-right gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano was seen losing next to Mehmet Oz.

In a CNN interview, the outgoing senator first criticized the impact of Mastriano’s campaign on campaign races. “We had one Ultra MAGA contestant who never seemed to make an attempt to expand beyond a hardcore base that was very, very committed to him,” Toomey said. “But in the end he lost in an epic beatdown.” Mastriano, a 2020 election denier, was defeated by a convincing margin of more than 14 points but has refused to give up.

Regarding the loss of some winnable convention races in his home state, Toomey said he believes it was due to “a combination of a real issue at the top of the ticket but also President Trump interfering with the race.”

“It would never be helpful,” Toomey said, adding that Mastriano “was his big interest”.

“We were in a time where it’s good for Republicans when the race is on President Biden, who is unpopular and whose policies have failed,” Toomey said. “And instead President Trump had to fit in, and that changed the nature of the race and that just created too much of an obstacle.”

Oz consistently trailed Fetterman in the polls after narrowly beating mainstream Republican David McCormick. Even Trump reportedly ranted about Oz’s odds after endorsing him.

Toomey also found “a very high correlation between MAGA candidates and big losses” in, for example, both house races and the New Hampshire Senate contest.

“My party has to face the fact that if loyalty to Donald Trump is the main criterion for selecting candidates, we probably won’t do very well,” Toomey argued.

When asked by CNN’s Erin Burnett whether the disappointing results of this year’s midterms will be enough to drive the party away from Trump, Toomey was skeptical.

“There will not be a single moment when the fever breaks and Donald Trump becomes irrelevant. That probably won’t happen,” Toomey predicted. “What I think is [that] its influence is waning and a debacle like the one we had across the country from a Republican perspective Tuesday night is accelerating the pace at which that influence is waning.”

“You know, there are already some interesting data points. A year or two ago if you asked Republican voters [whether] they see themselves more as traditional Republicans or Donald Trump Republicans, [Trump] had a huge lead,” he said. “It’s flipped. And that’s telling, I think. And I think that will continue.” John Fetterman’s Republican predecessor Pat Toomey blames Trump for the great loss of Dr. responsible

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