Jimmy Kimmel fires back at Donald Trump for saying his show is ‘dead’

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel said in an interview that he lost half his fan base following Donald Trump on his late-night show – and that he threatened to quit when ABC urged him to tone it down.

Well, it appears Trump got wind of the comments and used them to stalk the host during “one of his blue-collar comedy tours,” Kimmel said.

The former president had previously told a Pennsylvania rally crowd that Kimmel’s show was “virtually dead” because his supporters weren’t watching. “And that, it turns out, was the majority of people,” Trump said. “The show is dead and so are the others.”

“That’s right, our show is dead,” Kimmel shot back with a laugh, before demonstrating just how brutal his jokes about the former president can really be. “Our show is so dead he’s going to bury it next to his ex-wife on one of his golf courses.”

“Do you know what is dead?” he asked. “I’ll tell you what’s dead. All those endangered animals your chinless son shot. That’s what dead is.”

“You know what’s dead?” Kimmel added. “The look in your wife’s eyes when you’re begging for sex on your birthday.”

“And I will say, in January, our show will be 20 years old,” he continued. “You got kicked out after four. I’m on TV, you’re on your golf club toilet yelling at yours.”

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