Jesse Watters Copes on Fox News by Moaning Not Enough People Hate President Joe Biden

The day after Republicans underperformed in this year’s midterm election, Fox News host Jesse Watters offered a statement: President Joe Biden is just too likable.

“I can’t believe John Fetterman won!” Watters began, making clear his surprise at the Democrat’s loss to Trump-backed Mehmet Oz, who Watters said was untrustworthy and generally “not a great candidate.”

The Fox host then criticized the Republicans for falling behind their competitors in the early vote count.

“There is no Republican early voting strategy. Can anyone tell me what that is? Republicans vote on Election Day. Democrats are voting for five weeks,” Watters said, mirroring what voting data for the midterm elections tended to show. “So there’s this mass mobilization campaign that’s going on in these early-vote states, and the Republicans are sitting it out.”

Watters, one of several Fox News stars confident in predicting a strong GOP result, then attempted to pull what he saw as some positives from Tuesday’s results, such as 2020 draft dodger Sen. Ron Johnson (R -WI), the Lt. gov. Mandela Barnes.

“[Republicans] will have the house,” he predicted, “and it won’t be the biggest lead of all time. It will be bigger than they say now.”

“That was a red wave if you look at Florida,” he continued, before addressing Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacy Abrams’ loss to incumbent Republican Brian Kemp and Beto O’Rourke’s failed run for governor of Texas . But Watters eventually conceded that Democrats and President Biden appear to have emerged from the midterms in a good place.

“There just isn’t the hatred of Joe Biden that there is of Barack Obama and the Clintons. There’s no ‘hate Biden’ vote out there,” he said, adding that there is one for Trump as well. “People just don’t feel the same passion for the guy that they have for other people.”

Watters bemoaned the democratic benefits for unmarried women, young voters, and the broader urban population. Voters between the ages of 18 and 29, for example, backed the Democrats by a margin of 63 to 35 percent, an Exit poll found. Jesse Watters Copes on Fox News by Moaning Not Enough People Hate President Joe Biden

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