“It’s About Time” – Bastion and Torbjorn are returning to Overwatch 2 very soon

The wait will soon be over for Overwatch 2 players who have been feeling baseless for the past few days. Both Bastion on Torbjorn will return to the roster starting October 25th. The game is finally getting good again now that our favorite robot boy is making a comeback. I think it’s good that Torbjörn is coming too.

This message comes from Activision Blizzard Commercial Director Jon Spector, who posted the long-awaited update on Twitter earlier this week. Their return comes alongside Junkertown, a map that was also removed from the game earlier this month due to bugs that caused graphical performance issues. With this comeback, it looks like a handful of the main issues in the game will finally be resolved.

Why don’t you watch the Kiriko trailer again and think of all the Torbjorn players who gave up and tried them out of desperation?

As you can imagine, emotions run high in the special hubs for these characters. We’ve already covered the slump that the Bastion mains were in, but please understand that Torbjorn mains felt the pressure as well. With the end of both groups’ shared crisis on the horizon, I turned to some of the more vocal and well-known die-hard heroes to get an idea of ​​how things have changed morally.

That starts with YouTuber, Streamer and probably the most famous Bastion lover… BastionMain. As you can imagine, they were among thousands of other troubled Bastion comrades whose emotions were running high at Bastion’s removal. At the moment they are in limbo. “I usually just play him, but now I just twiddle my thumbs when I play brig.” They later explained their frustration, saying, “Day 3, I had a deep existential crisis. BastionMain… But not a Bastion. William… No Shakespeare, who am I?’

Similar frustrations are shared by Voc, an avid Season 1 gamer who initially picked Torbjorn due to his own hardware limitations, stating “Torb picked me and I should have played him from the start” after finding great success with the character in competitive playlists over the years With their first choice also relegated to the error correction mines, they too have experienced a tragic period of downtime. “It was definitely a bit annoying because obviously he’s my type and I play him all the time. I was prepared for a crappy start because I knew it was going to be quick (9 months I’ve heard) so I was a little salty but it was understandable.”

As for their reactions to the eventual return of their favorite heroes, there’s relief, but also a touch of lingering disappointment due to Bastion and Torb’s long absences. “It’s really frustrating,” writes BastionMain. “There was more Overwatch 2 without Bastion than with Bastion. Let me shut down these games!”

“My immediate reaction was relief because it is about time. I expect something like this to be tweaked and fixed overnight,” repeats Voc. “But I also don’t know anything about game development and what else they’re up against, so maybe that was a quick consideration.”

Despite this situation, both players expressed their overall satisfaction with Overwatch 2 as a product, both in terms of the changes made and the impact on the game’s popularity. BastionMain succinctly stated, “Oh, it’s amazing, one less fool on my team. I have more influence and my waiting time is also shorter.”

“It makes me really happy to see the game blossoming again and all the new faces showing interest,” concludes Voc. “I’ve always considered this game to be the best game in my opinion. The start was definitely rushed, but I also understand that over time they lost people’s interest, so they almost had to push it out when they did.”

A bright future maybe for Bastion players, Torb players, damn maybe all players in Overwatch 2 now that some of the big early issues are set to be fixed soon. Hopefully, with the return of the two heroes and the Junkertown map, the community can finally jump into the next big chapter in the series without a headache.

If you’re interested in reading more about Overwatch 2, we have a number of articles about the game, including this article on the Cost of all Overwatch 1 legacy skinsas well as Overwatch 2, which has attracted over 25 million players since launch. “It’s About Time” – Bastion and Torbjorn are returning to Overwatch 2 very soon

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