IRL Skyrim Talos RPG overshadows ‘fire and brimstone’ Christian preacher.

In the United States (and to a lesser extent around the world) you sometimes find public preachers voicing their beliefs about doomsday, anti-LGBT propaganda and so on. However, at a college over in the US, a new challenger has entered the fray, trying to compare the able preacher to the words of Talos filling their lungs, and a Cool Skyrim cosplay.

We don’t know the name of this hero or the college, but we have a brilliant video of public space that bursts out of fantasy RPG in perfectly retold lines, including scaremongering about elves and the threat they pose to you kids. Beware!

What’s most impressive besides the respectable beard is the fact that our Skyrim fanatic manages to drown out the fire and brimstone preacher’s amplified voice entirely without the aid of any technology. It’s good old-fashioned street yelling.

This isn’t the first time he’s done this either. According to the original tweeter of the video above, the same guy attracted in October and did the exact same thing in October. It looks like this is an ongoing feud between actual real-world bigotry and fictional bigotry directed at elves and their devious effects on the land of Skyrim.

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Anyhow, as long as fiery and sulphurous Christian people show up on campus, we sincerely hope that our very own Skyrim cosplayer will show up and keep fighting them in the idea market. We wish him every success in his studies.

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