Inside Kim Kardashian’s War to Wear the Marilyn Monroe Dress to the Met Gala

Remember how it felt in December 2012 when everyone was pretty sure the world wasn’t going to end the way the Mayan calendar “predicted” but we couldn’t be 100 percent sure? That’s what it feels like watching the prelude to Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe Met Gala Moment on this week’s episode of The Kardashians.

There’s a strange tension in the air as the sisters begin preparing their looks for fashion’s biggest night, and Kim has an idea in her head that she just can’t let go. She wants Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday dress, and she’ll stop at nothing to get it, going so far as to tell the cameras, “I’m not going to take no for an answer.” Kim seems an incredibly shallow one Having an idea of ​​what Monroe’s life was really like, aside from her status as an iconic sex symbol (we’re guessing Kim didn’t see it Blond either) – which led to some really weird scenes where she tries to explain Monroe’s career.

In the episode, Kim’s trip to the Met Gala is about as long as Monroe’s actual dress when Kim tried it on. Meanwhile, Khloé refuses thousands of dollars in handouts from Tristan Thompson for her daughter’s birthday party; Kourtney and Travis fused their flesh to become a double human (just kidding, but kinda); and Kris Jenner wanders around looking like she just stepped off a $15 Frontier Airlines flight to Florida. So, just a typical week at the Kardashian complex!

Kyndall: Before we get into Marilyn Monroe, let’s start this episode off with True’s 4th birthday party, which Khloé clearly planned on a day Tristan would be having a basketball game. That wasn’t a coincidence, was it?

Coleman: Definitely not, especially considering Kris told Khloé that Tristan told her he was handling all of the party’s expenses. A spontaneous estimate is over $200,000. (Those expensive cakes to be thrown away cost at least $10,000.) Khloé, of course, says it’s a nice gesture, but she won’t let it happen. “You should,” Kris replies. Personally, I think it’s a good idea for Khloé not to take a large chunk of change from her cheating boyfriend, lest it be used as some sort of leverage. I was surprised that Kris, Miss Manager, didn’t see it that way.

Kyndall: These women are obsessed with making the crappy men in their lives feel loved and welcome in order to be happy for the sake of their kids. So I wasn’t surprised that Kris wanted to document Tristan seem to be like a good father and partner for once. However, everyone knows that paying for things when you can’t physically or emotionally show up is classic deadbeat behavior. I was proud of Khloé for not falling for it. Taking money as some kind of consolation for all the humiliation he had inflicted on her would be even more embarrassing. And True doesn’t give a shit who pays for what.

Coleman: Luckily she knows that now. However, Kim was unaware of the dress code for the party (pastel colors) and appeared in the ugly Balenciaga motocross uniform that Kris later wore when Kylie tried on her look for the Met Gala. It never ceases to amaze how this family’s outfit choices will be on point in one scene and in the next Kris will look like someone’s belligerently drunk uncle stumping around the grill after one too many Dos Equis before someone does it for one naps. I was stunned until we settled down with Kim to start the never ending Marilyn dresses saga.

Kyndall: This behind-the-scenes look at Kim’s journey to the Met was as boring and mundane as I had hoped. Luckily I’m not a Monroe obsessive, otherwise I think I’d have a heart attack watching Kim discuss her affinity for Marilyn in the most reductive terms. At several points throughout the episode, I was curious if Kim had any idea what Marilyn’s profession was outside of “pretty, curvy woman.” I think my favorite line of hers was, “When [Marilyn] sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to JFK, she was like – woof –America.”

Coleman: Kyndall, i. was. Screaming. Kim’s vision of Marilyn’s career and legacy is, and I quote, “I love that she’s done things her way. She turned into this complete icon, and now everyone on the planet knows who she is. Much respect.” I wanted so badly to give Kim credit, but I’d bet Ramona Singer knows more about Marilyn Monroe than she does. My three year old niece does.

Kyndall: This is where producer Danielle should have stepped in and tested Kim’s knowledge of Marilyn. The producers could have scanned Marilyn’s Wikipedia page and drilled in some answers to make Kim seem even a little bit interested in this woman as a multidimensional human. Instead, the editors play the same archive footage of Marilyn approaching the podium to sing “Happy Birthday” to JFK maybe 50 times.

Overall, I was more confused that Kim thought she could fit into this garment given her cartoonish proportions. I’ve always been confused about Kim’s height and whether her butt really is “big” or just looks big on her because she only weighs a dollar and some loose change. We learn from Khloé that she needs to tailor her underwear, which is…something. But Kim also says she can magically blend into things like a “shape-shifter.” Someone explain this living, breathing optical illusion to me!


Kim at the Met Gala on May 2nd.

Cindy Ord/MG22/Getty for The Met Museum/Vogue

Coleman: “A shapeshifter” is a very fun, mystical storybook way of saying you’ve surgically perfected your body and can throw money at personal trainers to do the rest. Kim’s character is like those pictures where you look and you see a vase and then you look closer and you see two people kissing. It is constantly changing with the naked eye.

Kim slipped straight into Ripley’s dummy dress, no problem. But of course she would never get that indeed put on without crash body modification. It was absurd of her to think she would. And what’s more, she keeps saying that this dress is “a story, a whole vibe.” It is not…at all! It’s a work of art. I wish she would just admit to being a stunt queen.

Kyndall: I didn’t feel any “vibes” from this dress up game. The dress is beautiful, but Marilyn’s sex appeal really made this look. Yes, Kim is a “sexy” person in that she dresses scantily from time to time. But she lacks the ease and spontaneity of a proper sex symbol. It’s neither tempting nor provocative to see the queen of beige, antiseptic fashion walking around in another nude dress. We also know that Kanye West also hyped Kim as 21st Century Marilyn Monroe, so it all just seems very calculated.

Coleman: So true. What fascinates about it This Dress when Kim wears nude skims 98 percent of the time? Kim isn’t an idea person — that is, plural, because she just has an idea and rolls with it, with no creative input because she surrounds herself with “yes” people. It’s also baffling how Kim can show up with her sisters for a power lunch to discuss the Blac Chyna case, looking absolutely stylish in a flame print dress and furry Balenciaga sunglasses, and then show up to fashion’s biggest event, the what the human distillation looks like from narcolepsy.

Kyndall: Oh dear God. I was so happy when Kim showed up looking like a bad guy The Incredibles. Where was that ingenuity at the Met? But yes, the sisters have another chat about Blac Chyna’s lawsuit, which once again makes them seem deeply unconcerned. Khloé tries to add something to this storyline by reminding her sisters that their fates are in the hands of a group of strangers who might hate their guts. This may be their 50th lawsuit of their time in public, so I understand Kim and Kourtney’s nonchalance. Kourtney won’t be sued either, which she reminds us by telling her sisters she’ll be at a dress rehearsal while they fight for their lives in court. lol


Coleman: I can’t think of anything bigger than laughing in the sisters’ faces and then jetting off to Milan to try on a pair of Dolce & Gabbana. I know I’ve said it ad nauseam, but do Kourtney and Travis have to wear matching red leopard pajamas on the jet? They’re in some twisted 1950’s, don’t worry darling Reality.

Arriving at the Dolce atelier in Milan, Travis and Kourtney – the entity they are – keep talking about how nervous they are. And I thought what for? A faucet? You’re giving some controversial designers a little more leverage, I think you’ll be fine. And then they keep ordering Italian coffee, as if the caffeine combined with their much-touted nerves wouldn’t clog those old Italian pipes. Guys, be sensible! But I suppose it’s not worth wasting my breath in asking for some sensitivity from these sisters.

Sibling superlatives

strongest sister: Our weekly Highest Appreciation award goes to a Khloé Kardashian this week. Her refusal of Tristan Thompson’s handout for her daughter’s birthday party was a very cool move. And she not only turned it down, but kept a completely clear head after Kris put Thompson’s offer on camera. Just a simple, smiling, “That’s very nice, but I won’t let him do that.” Her brain scan was right: She’s resilient!

The most intense moment: Unsurprisingly, Kim’s weight-loss journey isn’t particularly emphasized to fit into the Marilyn dress, given the amount of attention she received for disclosing that she lost 13 pounds on the red carpet. However, we do see her telling an assistant she’s going to lose 10 pounds and a short workout montage that feels a lot like Beyoncé homecoming, but sadder. Health and fitness journeys can be inspirational when done right. But that has nothing to do with health. It’s someone who mindlessly treats their body like a ball of Play-Doh.

Funniest childhood anecdote: We finally learn Khloé’s origins as a self-proclaimed “funny” Kardashian as Kris shares a story about the time she identified as a dog at age 4. Kris tells us she barked at everyone while licking strangers’ legs The editor zooms in on Khloé’s childhood pics. There’s no funny or crazy music in the background – just silence – making this whole segment feel like it belongs in a documentary about a serial killer. But good to know that Khloé’s weird sensibilities are organic!

Most Buckwild Photoshop Mistakes: In one of the most shocking shots of those shows’ 235 seasons, Kim confessed to photoshopping Khloé’s daughter True’s face from Disneyland photos onto Kylie’s daughter Stormi’s body. Apparently, Kylie didn’t want pictures of Stormi in public. Kim just had to do this because there were some bright pinks in one of the pics, and Kim necessary a photo with the color pink on her grid to match her own self-imposed color story. For that reason, we decide to accept that we were right when Khloé and Kris shot their Children’s Place holiday campaign like hell. Inside Kim Kardashian’s War to Wear the Marilyn Monroe Dress to the Met Gala

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