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Gamers who love horror games might want to check it out phasmophobia for a recreation of the ghost hunting experience. Instead of running away from ghosts, players will venture into haunted locations to look for them exactly. Either way, players would need to gather clues to identify the ghost they’re looking for – assuming the ghost doesn’t kill them first. Thankfully, players have a plethora of tools to use in the process, such as: glowstick.

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As with other detection tools in phasmophobia, the glowstick behaves similarly to the flashlight in the sense that it illuminates other areas directly. Similar to the UV Flashlight, the Glowstick serves as a means of detecting fingerprints and footprints at the haunted location to indicate the presence of a ghost. But how can players use the glow stick more efficiently in their ghost hunt?


The Glow Stick: A Basic Description

Players checking out the gear store in the phasmophobia game may find that the glowstick is one of the cheaper items and only costs the players $20 a bang. It’s good that the Glowstick doesn’t cost much either, considering it’s not part of the player’s starting loadout. This means players will lose the glowstick along with their other purchased gear if they die in-game.

The Glowstick looks just like its namesake – a glow-in-the-dark stick. Its real-world equivalent is a flare, or actual glowstick, which a person must “crack” for the light to appear. In the game, it acts as the equivalent of the UV flashlight. It also glows a bright purple light that fades over time, but once activated it never runs out of juice.

The rough numbers

Before players buy the glowstick for themselves phasmophobia Ghost hunting trips, it can be helpful to understand some rough numbers pertaining to the device. This way, players don’t waste their money on the gear and can be extra safe to use in their ghost hunting adventure. Here are some things to consider:

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  • Price: $20 – One of the cheaper items at the Equipment Store, the Glowstick costs only slightly more compared to the lighter ($10), salt shaker ($15), smudge sticks ($15) and candle ($15) and costs the same as Sanity Pills ($20). The fact that players only need a few dollars to buy more useful items like the thermometer ($30), crucifix ($30), EMF reader ($45) and powerful flashlight ($50) means that players need to think carefully before purchasing items.
  • Maximum placement limit: 2 – Players can only carry a maximum of two (2) glowsticks at a location, giving them quite a bit of latitude to light up different areas.

How does the glow stick work?

Similar to other items in phasmophobia While the player uses them when hunting ghosts, the Glowstick has a pretty simple purpose: it acts as a UV flashlight. However, compared to the more focused UV flashlight, the Glowstick acts as an area light and can detect prints in an area much faster than its UV flashlight counterpart. How to use it:

  • Activation: Before players can actually use the glowstick, they must first activate it. This causes the glowstick to light up brightly 1 minute and then Fading in dim light over 10 seconds thereafter.
  • Radius: The Glowstick’s effective radius is about the size of a doorway.
  • pressure spots: As with other simple pieces of gear, the Glowstick is primarily used for catching fingerprints. It can highlight footprints or fingerprints in the environment to help the player in ghost hunting.
  • Salary Recognition – Fingerprints: While held, the glowstick still glows and can help players spot fingerprints in various places that are usually at eye level.
  • Ground Detection – Footprints: At ground level or on a surface, the glowstick can also highlight footprints in the immediate area.

Any tips for the glow stick?

Despite the Glowstick’s rather straightforward nature as a piece of gear in the phasmophobia Horror game, its existence as an alternative to the UV flashlight means that there are uses for the glowstick that make it a recommended item compared to the other option. Here are some things players should keep in mind as they attempt to use the glowstick more creatively in their ghost hunting journey:

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  • Get ghost directions with the glowstick: When players use the glowstick in conjunction with another detection tool, such as the salt shaker or the motion sensor, the footprints they leave can reveal the direction the ghost is taking. This is useful in higher level games, e.g. B. in Nightmare mode, where phasmophobia Ghosts can change ghost rooms.
  • Instant Seeing: Due to the nature of the Glowstick as a light source with an area of ​​effect instead of the focused UV flashlight, the Glowstick instantly gives players a new light source to use.
  • Non-electric lighting: Unlike other lighting sources in the game, Glowsticks are inherently non-electric, meaning they won’t be interrupted by ghost events or spawn ghosts.
  • Mark relevant areas: Due to the nature of glowsticks as a light source with a unique color, it’s easy to leave them to mark special locations in an area. This includes ghost rooms, the breaker, a fuse box, or other immediate locations that players cannot find immediately.

Item synergies for the glowstick?

While the glowstick is actually used specifically to detect fingerprints and footprints, there are ways players can do this more efficiently by combining the glowstick with other items in their arsenal. Here are some recommended item synergies for the glowstick to aid in teams’ ghost hunting process phasmophobia Easier:

  • salt shaker: Players can instantly spot footprints by dropping a glowstick next to a pile of salt. That way, imprints on the Salt would leave an instant mark, assuming the Ghost isn’t a Wraith. It is ideal for players to only use the glowstick immediately after the imprint appears on the salt pile and not before, so that the illumination is maximum.
  • motion sensor: Similar to the salt shaker, placing a glowstick under a motion sensor is ideal so it can highlight footprints when a ghost walks by. Likewise, using a glow stick only after determining with some certainty that the area with the motion sensor is likely the ghost room increases the chances of spotting footprints.

The “Apocalypse” Major Update from phasmophobia was released on September 27, 2022.

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