How to Use a Fake Utility Bill?

Utility Bills are monthly statements of the amount a household or a business owes for essential services. Utilities mainly comprise water, gas, and electricity. Water and sewage, garbage, recycling, TV, phone, internet, and streaming services are other examples.

Utility bills are used as proof of residency in addition to keeping track of one’s expenses. These bills are extremely valuable for various reasons and are often faked due to either challenging circumstances or capital gains. Before enlisting all the possible ways to obtain a fake utility bill, here is some insight into why someone would desire to fake them.

Why Fake Utility Bills?

One can resort to faking bills for the following reasons.

1.    Proof of Residence

People frequently forge bills in order to reap the benefits of living in a given location, particularly when obtaining credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. Fake bills may also be presented to landlords while renting a place if they still haven’t had any history of paying bills on their own or they weren’t much consistent in paying their bills on time.

2.     Tampering Paid Bills

Individuals often miss their payment deadlines due to an unanticipated reason, causing their utility services to cut off. The usual reaction in this situation would be for them to clear their dues immediately. However, if there is a public or bank holiday coming up, one can take a different route. As a result, many edit in photoshop backdated paid payments to more current dates. They then transport them to the relevant department to resume service and later settle their debts before their creativity is exposed!

3.     Criminal Activities

Identity thieves can forge utility bills in order to obtain personal information, start utility accounts, and rack up charges in their victims’ identities. Aside from this, certain groups fabricate bills, impersonate accounts to appear official, and steal money from ordinary residents, resulting in a number of people being placed on the defaulter’s list or falling into serious debt.

However, due to its commonality, the authorities, as well as random individuals, have become highly vigilant, using up-to-date firewalls to detect all sorts of phishing and pharming attempts. This can result in any wanna-be criminal getting caught.

How Can I Fake a Utility Bill?

The ways of forging a utility bill are listed below.:

1.     Form a Fake Document

The most basic way to alter your bill is by utilizing your graphic design skills. However, there is a high risk of it being caught due to amateurism. The procedure would entail scanning an old bill or borrowing one, editing it with your details, and changing the time frame to the one you desire it to be.

2.     Use Someone Else’s Docs

One may also fake their bills by using another individual’s authentic ones. This can be done by hacking their email or by simply borrowing it from them. This method can be a bit over the top as you’ll need to go the extra mile to alter all the said details. However, this can land you with serious legal consequences as this would be considered identity theft.

3.     Preparing a Bill from Scratch

You can download a relevant template and fix yourself a fake bill. You just need to be mindful and input information that is as realistic as possible, along with keeping the date on the bill within three months. If you’re clever enough and pay attention to detail, you’re most likely to deceive the relevant authority.

4.     Hiring Someone to Fake the Bills

Among all the stated reasons, this one would be the cleverest. There are a few websites that offer to create fake forms (including Utility Bills) for you. They have professionals to complete the job and offer guarantees of their work being foolproof. They make sure that their product remains as close to the original as possible, helping you stay out of trouble.


In conclusion, the most common reason for faking your bills can be to prove your residence. Additionally, the most approachable ways to conduct the deed would be creating it yourself, using another individual’s documents, creating one from scratch, or hiring a professional. Hence, if you’re interested in altering or creating a bill, try one of the methods today! We highly condemn any and every criminal activity and promote abiding by the law.

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