How to unlock heroic journeys for all characters

Gotham Knights sees players follow in the footsteps of Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and the Red Hood as they attempt to defend Gotham City after Batman’s death. To do this, players will spend a lot of time on the streets of Gotham City, fighting crime, searching for collectibles and advancing the story.

Gotham Knights Players begin the game with access to the Grappling Hook and Batcycle, but each has its own pros and cons when it comes to traversing the city. You can unlock fast travel at one point, which is very helpful, but the game also offers a feature known as Heroic Travel. These methods make each character’s traversal method unique. In some scenarios, these options are better, but they depend on the location, the context, and of course the character. However, the game doesn’t exactly excel when it comes to unlocking Heroic Travel, which is what this guide details.


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Gotham Knights: How to Unlock Heroic Journeys (Knighthood Challenges)

To unlock Heroic Travel, players must complete Knighthood Challenges. This is a multi-stage task that players must complete for each character. For example, progress on the Knighthood Challenge will not carry over from Batgirl to Robin. Fortunately, Heroic Travel is unlocked by completing the first task of the Knighthood set. This means Gotham Knights Players must complete the following tasks with each character as they are the same challenges:

  • Complete Timed Strike Training (via the Training Dummy in the Bell Tower)
  • Defeat mini bosses (unlocked through gameplay)
  • Complete 10 premeditated crimes (marked and unlocked across Gotham City by stopping spontaneous crimes and interrogating enemies).

Once this is complete, players will need to return Gotham Knights‘ Belfry and interact with the Batman Memorial. They will then be able to use their Heroic Travel ability on their next patrol in Gotham City. When they’re in the air, they simply have to hold down the right trigger to activate the ability.

Gotham Knights Heroic Travel: How To Unlock/Use Batgirl’s Cape Glide

Once the above is completed as Batgirl, players can use her cape to glide from point to point. It’s very similar to that Batman: Arkham Games and is the simplest in terms of function Gotham Knights‘ style of play. Players can unlock these in any order, but must ensure that each challenge, including training, is completed with Batgirl.

Gotham Knights Heroic Travel: How To Unlock/Use Robin’s Slideways Teleporter

Robin figures out how to use the Justice League’s teleport and “glideways” through town once they are in place Gotham Knights Challenges are complete. Robin’s is perhaps the most complex to use. While in the air, players must hold down the right trigger and Robin will turn into a small blue light. Players have approximately 8 seconds to choose their target, where Robin will appear again.

Gotham Knights Heroic Travel: How to Unlock/Use Nightwing’s Gliders

Nightwing’s Glider works similarly to Batgirl’s Cape Glide, albeit a bit more modular. Once players are airborne, all they have to do is hold down the right trigger and Nightwing’s glider will appear. Players can steer it, fly it in the air and much more. It’s a little more versatile than the Cape Glide, but more or less the same.

Gotham Knights Heroic Travel: How to Unlock/Use Red Hood Mystic Leap

Jason Todd struggles with his resurrection all the time Gotham Knights, but after completing this challenge, he channels some power he gained from the Lazarus Pit. Red Hood’s Mystic Leap lets him jump from point to point, essentially jumping off a peg again, but covering fewer miles with each jump.

Gotham Knights Coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X on October 21st.

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