How to unlock every weapon in the game

Similar to its predecessors bayonet 3 features a wide variety of weapons, allowing players to experiment a little and find the combo that works best for them and their playstyle. After completing the prologue, they only have access to a single set of weapons, but as they work their way through bayonet 3In the 14 main chapters of they will start to unlock more powerful options as well as some new hellish demons to wreak havoc with.

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When all is said and done bayonet 3 has 18 different weapons for players to unlock, although two of them can only be used by Viola. It’s also worth noting that for Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue players will need save data from the previous two bayonet Games on their Switch so not everyone can unlock them. Despite this, there should still be more than enough options for all but the very picky players.

How to unlock every weapon in Bayonetta 3

bayonet 3 was released on October 28, 2022 and is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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