How to unlock every hellish demon in Bayonetta 3

Infernals have always played an important role in the bayonet franchise and this is again the case in bayonet 3. There are 12 of them in total, although only ten of these are unlocked as part of the main story, with the final two Infernal Demons being unlocked by completing certain Phenomenal Remnant stages.

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Even though bayonet 3 Doesn’t feature quite as many Infernal Demons as the previous game, there’s still a healthy variety to play around with. Additionally, some of the game’s demon slaves possess true or ultimate transformations that, while similar in design, are significantly more powerful than their regular forms.


How to unlock every hellish demon in Bayonetta 3

True forms of the infernal demon

At certain points in the game, some of Bayonetta’s demon slaves transform into their true or ultimate forms. As one would expect from any type of transformation, this makes them considerably more powerful, not to mention far more dangerous to Bayonetta’s enemies. Unfortunately, not every Infernal Demon is included bayonet 3 has access to a transformation. In fact, there are only four of them who do this.

bayonetta-3-all-hellish-demons-sin-gomorrah bayonetta-3-all-hellish-demons-queen-butterfly
sin Gomorrah


queen butterfly

(madama butterfly)

bayonetta-3-all-hellish-demons-the-phantom bayonetta-3-all-hellish-demons-baal-zebul
The Phantom


Baal Zebul


bayonet 3 was released on October 28, 2022 and is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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