How to solve the Orchard Hotel puzzle

Although Gotham Knights has some notable differences from the Batman Arkham series, it has nevertheless brought back some features that fans loved (and hated) from its predecessor. From the freedom to customize a player’s hero to taking down guys in style. Gotham Knights has Challenging puzzles have also been reintroduced for players to solve if they want to advance the story.

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A puzzle that will have players scratching their heads is this Floor Plate Puzzle from case 4.2 (Orchard Hotel Mission). Luckily, this isn’t the hardest part puzzle in Gotham Knights since the solution is a little more obvious than players think.


Hints for solving the Orchard Hotel puzzle

In the room with the four pressure plates, players will also see four different paintings of Gotham City landmarks and the date they were built under the painting. Now players must memorize this data and step on the pressure plate that corresponds to each landmark based on when it was built (from oldest to newest).

The solution would be 1836, 1841, 1842and 1877. So now the players have to match the buildings in the painting with those of the statues in the middle of the room. Players will also notice that each statue has a corresponding Court of Owl icon, which is a small clue as to who the Gotham Knights will have to confront later in the mission. Stepping on the wrong pressure plate does not harm the player (like other puzzles) but resets the puzzle.

Orchard Hotel puzzle solution

The first pressure plate players must step on is the one with the icon of an owl spreading its wings.

The second pressure plate that players must step on is the one with an icon that looks like an erupting volcano. It is directly northeast of the previous pressure plate.

The third pressure plate has a claw icon and is located to the left of the previous pressure plate (when the player is looking at the pressure plate).

The fourth pressure plate that players must step on is the one with an owl face icon. Upon entering this final pressure plate, a secret door will open and players can proceed with the main mission.

Gotham Knights is available now for PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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