How To Register A Business In New Mexico In 2022

The state of New Mexico is located in the American Southwest. Santa Fe is the state’s capital, & Albuquerque and the surrounding metropolitan area make up its largest city. Many business owners seeking to launch a venture are drawn to New Mexico due to its expansive vistas, pleasant climate, affordable real estate, & friendly tax climate.

It’s important to check that you have the necessary licenses and permits before starting a business in New Mexico. A business license is required in New Mexico. Learn more about New Mexico Business Registration. If you’ve made the decision to launch a new business in New Mexico, you can take one of the following steps:

Steps To Register A Business In New Mexico

1. Select Business Name

You’ll need to get a name to register a business in New Mexico that is distinct and memorable but that no other company or legally constituted business in the state is already using. There are two possible names for your company. First, you must register your legal name with the IRS as well as the state. A DBA (“doing business as”), which is a different name under which you conduct business, may be used as the second name.

Once you’ve settled on a name, you must confirm that it is usable in New Mexico. To determine whether a different business in the state is already utilizing Through the corporate business search, you can conduct a name exploration within the New Mexico Secretary of State’s business website.

2. Plan Your Business

A business plan may guide your organization toward success, expansion, and financial stability. A mission statement, fundamental organizational goals, organizational hierarchies, workflow diagrams, fundamental market analysis, projectable revenue streams, & objective performance metrics are typically included in business plans.

You can learn what actual business plans look like & develop a strategy by consulting a collection of sample business plans. To assist you in creating your own strategy, you may also use a free financial plan template.

3. Select A Registered Agent

As well as receiving formal legal and tax communications, a registered agent is accountable for making reports with the New Mexico Secretary of State (SOS). In New Mexico, a Registered Agent is necessary for every company.

You, a different manager in your company, or a specialized Registered Agent service can take on this role. Suppose your New Mexico Registered Agent is a person. In that case, they must have a physical New Mexico street address and also be accessible during regular business hours to accept required documentation on your behalf. When you submit your Certificate of Formation & formally establish your business in New Mexico, you select your Registered Agent.

4. Obtain an Employer identification number (EIN)

A federal tax id number, also referred to as an employer identification number (EIN) or tax identification number for your company, is required. A free EIN is available from the IRS. An EIN is required for tax filing by anyone or any legal entity that employs people. Additionally, you can create a bank account for your company using your EIN.

You must file a business registration with the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department and submit Form ACD-31015 when you obtain your federal EIN. You are given permission to carry out financial transactions in the state of New Mexico through this procedure.

5. Forming An LLC

A limited liability company, as when the name implies, enables its owners to keep their personal assets safe by limiting the liability of the firm to the entity itself. For the majority of small firms, this kind of corporation is advised. The requirements for city and county licenses still apply to your LLC.

Generally speaking, forming a New Mexico limited liability corporation (LLC) is the quickest and most straightforward method for entrepreneurs looking to launch a business in the state. An LLC is the best business entity for start-ups as well as small to medium-sized businesses because it has simpler rules and regulations and gives you the benefits as well as security measures that larger New Mexico corporations enjoy.

Your LLC will, by default, be treated as a “disregarded entity” for tax purposes, which means you must file your LLC tax return together with your personal tax return. However, keep in mind that because an LLC is a flexible structure, you can choose whether to have it taxed as an S-Corp or C-Corp (provided you are a U.S. person).

6. Obtaining Of Business Licences & Permits

To engage in a particular industry in New Mexico, businesses need licenses and permits. Examples include building, architecture, catering, and the selling of alcoholic beverages. A local govt agency issues a few of these business licenses, while a state agency issues others. You can access both state-level & local-level permit offices through the New Mexico Business Website.


New Mexico is a wonderful place for entrepreneurs to launch a business because it has the 9th-lowest cost of labor in the nation. With our easy, step-by-step guidance, you can launch your business right now and put yourself on the fast track to personal and financial freedom.

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