How to Make Business in Hong Kong?

You have successfully gone through business registration in Hong Kong and are prepared to take the reins and see it through to success.

When it comes to consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, and apparel, Hong Kong is a worldwide powerhouse. Knowing the intricacies of Hong Kongese business etiquette, protocol, and cultural communication is crucial if you plan to do serious business in the city, make regular trips to Hong Kong for meetings and trade shows, and negotiate or organize legitimate operations in China via Hong Kong-based firms.


  • Try to avoid being late, and if you can’t help but be late, provide an explanation.
  • The most senior member of the group enters a meeting first and others behind them follow suit in Hong Kong. The same may be said about first contact.
  • When getting a business card in Asia, it is assumed that you would handle it with the same care and regard that you would give to a priceless piece of art. In order to take a business card, you may use either your right or left hand. Wait until everyone is at the table before putting the card away. Do not hide it away in your behind, as it can be perceived as you are attempting to avoid paying attention to them. Write or fold the card only as prompted.
  • Use both hands or just the right one to offer a business card and flip it over, so the recipient can read your contact information. Don’t play poker with your options—insulting.
  • It’s best to let the discussion flow for a while before bringing up business.
  • Never attempt to fill awkward pauses with a further conversation, since people may be thinking about what they’ve heard.
  • If you show anger, you will seem foolish in front of your business partner and may even lose the agreement.
  • Do not put off the meeting any longer than necessary.

Hong Kong businesses focus only on financials since they know their economy works. False information will be ignored. They often react vaguely but seek detailed responses. If you’re upfront about your goals, they’ll respect and help you.

Hong Kongers tend to jump to conclusions in meetings, making them easier to misinterpret. This is seldom meant. Hong Kongers dislike impatient and aggressive people. They work quickly, yet their meetings drag on as they repeat the same topics. Deferring to higher-ups prolongs the conversation.

Their quickness may be attributable to their communication style rather than a compelling need to get there. Keep business partners calm. Maintaining calm, being polite, and showing unshakable determination while giving them time to decide can gain you respect.


  • Your Hong Kongese opponent is probably going to introduce themselves using a first name that has been Anglicized and then their surname.
  • The workplace in Asia is fairly hierarchical, with clear lines drawn between employees depending on their age and level of seniority. Those at the very top of the organizational chart make the tough calls, but they tend to make speedy decisions.
  • Don’t use force or threats to achieve commercial goals. There is a chance that someone can top you.
  • Hong Kongers avoid strongly disagreeing with recommendations to prevent hurting others. Listen for hesitation. Pay attention to both what they say and don’t say to be sure you’ve got it right.
  • Hongkongers appreciate long-term partnerships and want to know everything about their business partners before signing on. To sustain professional relationships, you must be courteous even though many of the questions are irrelevant. A trusted third person must introduce any professional relationship.
  • Hong Kongers’ pragmatic attitude to decision-making makes them flexible in negotiations. Thus, they’ll apply real-world rules.
  • In Hong Kong, business gift exchange is not as common as it is in mainland China.
  • Hong Kong had a score of 77 on the 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index, placing it 13th out of 180 countries (on a scale from 0 to 100). This view says that corruption is low inside the country’s governmental institutions.

Given these simple rules, you will be able to run your business in Hong Kong successfully, and Fintech Harbor Consulting will always help with the Poland company register and opening a business in Hong Kong.

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