How to make an oven (and what it’s for)

Grounded is a deceptively simple game. Players who embark on the micro-sized adventure may feel that it’s nothing more than surviving the dangers of a backyard wilderness. However, the truth is this Grounded is quite a massive adventure, filled with all sorts of storyline bits, unlockables, crafting items, enemies, and even new areas to unlock. It’s also quite stressful from a survival perspective, as players will soon discover when they encounter their first major enemies.

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Initially, players will run away from these imposing creatures as it’s easy to be knocked out after just a hit or two. To survive the dangers of this backyard world, players will need upgraded armor and weapons. In the early game, this is as simple as collecting new parts and equipment, but as players progress further in the game they will need to use special upgrade materials such as globs, nuggets or jewels. This is where the oven comes into play.

How to unlock and build the furnace

In order to access the recipe to build the Furnace, players must first gain access to BURG.L. This robotic NPC can be found in the specialized laboratory under the large oak tree. Players just starting out can access the large and strange looking laser imbued machine they spot near the spawn (and first outpost). Once players have gained access to BURG.L, they can purchase special science upgrades by visiting the appropriate ASL vending machine in each outpost or laboratory.

Unfortunately, players cannot purchase this upgrade immediately after reviving BURG.L. Instead, they must find a so-called Super Chip. The special Superchip players need to gain access to the Furnace is located in the Haze Lab, an underground facility that can be found by navigating the poisonous insecticide-laden area near the original spawn point. Players will need a gas mask to safely traverse this area. If they don’t have the correct gas mask recipe unlocked, they will need to analyze a weevil nose at any outpost.

gas mask recipe
  • 4 x Gnat Fuzz
  • 2 x raw rope
  • 1 x stink bug part
  • 1 x Weevil Nose

Once players have the gas mask, they can head to the Haze Lab. By entering the lab and traversing to the end, they gain access to the Superchip, which they can then return to BURG.L. Once BURG.L. Once the chip is obtained, it grants access to the Advanced Production Buildings upgrade, which can be purchased at any ASL Terminal for 2500 Science. Once this upgrade is unlocked, players will be able to assemble the furnace themselves.

oven recipe
  • 10 x clay
  • 4 x Boiling Gland
  • 4 x EverChar chunks of coal

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What is the oven doing?

The Furnace is used to smelt certain items into better upgrades, which players can then use to apply additional effects and perks to weapons and armor. A furnace allows players to “cook” jewels, nuggets, and other materials that can imbue their gear with all sorts of additional properties.

The furnace is also required to craft a special building item called the Mushroom Brick. This stone can be crafted by unlocking the recipe after analyzing a mushroom. The bricks are quite rough and a great building material, but require an oven and mushroom slurry to cook, meaning players will need access to a grinder and an oven. The oven is also required to cook a special item called the Broodmother BLT, which allows players to summon an extra powerful boss.

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