How to Complete Horde Rush Quests for Pickle Rick Cosmetic

It was a bust for a few weeks Fourteen days as the annual Fortnitemares event for 2022 recently came to an end. During the Halloween-themed event, DJ Lyka’s players could transform into werewolves in the Reality Tree and unlock new abilities like Wolfscent tracking and a four-hit diagonal attack. New cosmetics were also a key part of this update, including an Ash Williams outfit and a range of items from the popular TV show Rick and Morty.

Fortnitemares also brought back the popular Horde Rush cooperative mode, in which up to four players battle waves of monsters as they move through a map, earning score multipliers and trying to stay alive to face the boss. This year’s version used Fortnite’s popular Zero Build mode rules, which added a twist and more difficulty as players can’t build structures to save themselves from the growing hordes of creatures.


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While Fortnitemares is now over, Epic Games has revealed that Horde Rush isn’t going just yet. To replace the Halloween content, Epic added new Horde Rush specific quests Fourteen days with a new reward for each completion.

Horde Rush rewards

As with most quests in the game, players will unlock varying amounts of XP to level up Fourteen days battle pass.

For most players, however, the ultimate prize is the Pickle Rick cosmetic back bling. Earning the reward is fairly easy, but will require a bit of dedication before Horde Rush ends on November 15th.

How to unlock Pickle Rick

While most new cosmetics in Fourteen days placed in the game store, the Pickle Rick Back Bling is free to earn. However, in order to unlock it, players must complete 8 of the 11 Horde Rush-specific quests. Many of these are fairly easy and shouldn’t take too long for players to achieve. While there might be a few that could pose a challenge, players don’t have to finish all of them to score the cosmetics, so there’s a bit of wiggle room.

Here is the full list of Horde Rush quests:

  • Eliminate cube monsters
  • Open chests in Horde Rush
  • Collect point multipliers
  • Eliminate ranged Dice Monsters with sideways weapons
  • Earn a x50 KO streak
  • Get headshots on cube monsters in a single match
  • Deal melee damage to Cube Monster spawners
  • Earn 2,000,000 combined Team Points
  • Earn a team score of at least 350,000 in a single game
  • Eliminate poison or exploding cube monsters from at least 15 meters away
  • Deal damage to Cube Monsters

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Mobile.

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