How the speed, acceleration and cornering adjustments enable a “Got to go fast” mantra

It can be said that the most iconic thing about Sonic the Hedgehog is its speed. The original Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis was born out of the idea that players could memorize platform stages to traverse them with ease. Therefore, speed is an important part of everyone sound game, which some criticized for being “too slow”. Sonic Frontiers tackles this problem in a unique way, making Sonic faster for every gamer – to an extent.

Sonic Frontiers marks the first time players can customize how Sonic plays. It’s arguably one of the features that intrigued players the most because not only was it new, but it showed that despite its fast pace, the franchise aimed to be more accessible. Ultimately, perhaps giving fans the choice of what speed they want was one of them limits‘ best decisions.


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Sonic Frontiers speed adjustment slider


Players can adjust Sonic’s speed at any time by pausing and going to the Options menu, then the Game Settings section. From there, they have to select the specific slider, tweak it to their liking, and then walk around Sonic Frontiers open areas to see if it fits. If they still feel it’s not right, they can always change these settings back. Players will not be penalized for these changes, but it’s important to note that the game has base speeds and maximum speeds that exist no matter how low you set your settings.

The lowest speed doesn’t feel too slow, but it also doesn’t feel so fast that fans could accidentally throw themselves off ledges; a common mistake and complaint with the faster titles like Sonic unleashed. By allowing fans to play exactly how it suits them, limits perhaps the most accessible game in the series to date.

Sonic Frontiers puts Sonic’s Speed ​​on training wheels

Sonic Frontiers M-006 Time Attack

Not only the customization features help with the creation Sonic Frontiers more accessible, but it also helps fans learn how the game works at their own pace. This helps avoid things coming to an abrupt halt when the game increases the platforming difficulty, which was a problem for many players even in Sega Genesis sound Title. While some players will leave the settings unchanged, others may find that they have become accustomed to their settings and will increase the tempo once they are comfortable enough.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with either if people either leave the settings alone or find what they like and stick with it throughout the game. These settings are entirely optional, and being able to choose how fast you want your adventure to be is one of the things that makes it stand out Sonic Frontiers‘World feels alive. In a way, just like Sonic, fans can learn and grow with the game. However, the game warns players that some adjustments don’t apply to things like upgrades and abilities.

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Sonic Frontiers: How speed adjustment affects Sonic’s abilities

Sonic Frontiers trick skill

When looking at how the speed settings affect Sonic’s abilities, one of the most important to note is that the spin speed toggle affects the Cyloop ability. The cyloop is a crucial part of Sonic Frontiers Gameplay, both in combat and activating some challenge puzzles. If players are having a hard time making circles they like, either due to high speeds or a lack of a turn, then adjusting the spin speed will fix that without adjusting Sonic’s regular spins too much. A lot of Sonic’s other abilities are combat-based, like the Phantom Rush ability, and it seems those options aren’t affected by speed settings. Most of these work like special moves in fighting games, so the most a player has to do when activating a combo is wait for the combo to finish before another can be activated.

To be honest some tweaks to the way Sonic controls are done need to be changed pretty drastically for a difference to be felt. It’s not detailed enough that even a tiny change could make a difference, but that’s for the best as the goal is to make players comfortable rather than have them fiddle with the settings to ensure Sonic until the end feels just right detail. However, some sliders rotated in different directions cause more drastic changes, and fans should understand that tweaking things like Sonic’s rotation speed rather than his initial overall speed can result in awkward tempo breaks. Regardless of how players operate Sonic, any task in the game will run smoothly at all speed settings. This includes even the strictest S rank times in the Cyber ​​Space levels.

Sonic Frontiers sets a great precedent with these sliders, and Sonic Team would do well to keep it to ensure that’s the case sound Fans from old to small, both newcomers and veterans, can easily enjoy Sonic’s latest adventure without getting in trouble with the controls themselves. For those who like these new options, Sonic Team has explained Sonic Frontiers serves as the basis for sound titles for the next decade at least. This means that there is a very high probability that these options will be included in some new versions in the future.

Sonic Frontiers is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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