Hideo Kojima has rejected ‘ridiculously high’ takeover bids

Hideo Kojima says he’s received several “ridiculously high” offers to buy Kojima Productions, all of which he rejects. Kojima Productions was the company Kojima founded after he left Konami, which has been described as having conflicting ideologies. Kojima eventually brought a significant number of Konami developers to his new team and created death stranding. The studio’s potential is clear, and Kojima seems to believe that potential requires continued independence.


Kojima Productions isn’t slowing down either, which could be a significant part of what’s fueled takeover interest. After the release of death stranding, Kojima Productions has confirmed that it is working on a new game in partnership with Microsoft. There is also evidence for a death stranding Sequel is in the works, plus more offbeat rumors like Kojima Productions working on one silent Hill Game for PlayStation. Even the wildest rumors get noticed, if only because Kojima Productions is capable of anything.

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While specific details on acquisition attempts for Kojima Productions weren’t given, Kojima made it clear that they’re pretty real. Speaking during the latest episode of the Hideo Kojima introduces the brain structure Podcast, Kojima says that “every day I get offers from around the world to buy our studio.” He adds that while some of the offers for Kojima Productions included “ridiculously high prices,” he turned them all down and has no plans to sell them.

The reason Kojima turned down the takeover bids is simple. He explains that he didn’t start Kojima Productions because he wanted money. Rather, Kojima just wants to “do what I want to do”. Kojima goes as far as saying that as long as he lives, he doesn’t think he’ll accept an offer to take over Kojima Productions. Suffice it to say that this is a strong statement from Kojima and an example of what makes his fan base so extremely loyal.

Some might be confused regarding Kojima’s comments, considering he’s working with Microsoft on an unnamed project and is rumored to be working with PlayStation on another. Kojima clarifies that Kojima Productions remains an independent studio, clarifying that it has “no affiliations at all” and is “not endorsed by anyone”. The game development deals the studio has agreed to are believed to be temporary, allowing Kojima to stay true to his goals.

Of course, getting to this point wasn’t easy. Kojima spent decades at Konami, with his first metal gears Game released in 1987. That Kojima walked away from that metal gears franchise he had made an incredible success to start his own independent studio and do projects like this death stranding should capture his character. And now that he’s here, Kojima clearly isn’t ready to sell what he’s created.

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