Hideo Kojima addresses Stadia exclusive rumours

Hideo Kojima has addressed the recent rumors of a potential exclusive deal Google Stadia, was said to be in the works before news broke that the cloud streaming platform was shutting down. It marks the end of Stadia’s rather short lifespan, which will be operational for just a little over three years after it was decommissioned in January.

In the last days of September it turned out that Google Stadia would no longer receive support shortly before the start of the year. The news didn’t come as a huge shock to the wider gaming community, which allegedly wrote off Stadia as a lesser alternative to consoles and blamed the discontinuation on a bad business model. However, it came as an unpleasant surprise to many developers whose titles were slated for the service, with some deals signed just weeks beforehand. Stadia’s fall brought an avalanche of stories from those marginalized developers and those investigating the matter, including a rumor that the soon-defunct platform has turned down an exclusive successor to Hideo Kojimas death stranding.


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In Kojima’s latest episode of brain structure, an exclusive Spotify podcast, he and guest Geoff Keighley devoted most of the half-hour run to industry rumors. Kojima was unequivocal in his statement that all news surrounding a deal with Stadia was “unfounded” and criticized the way modern gaming media works, valuing immediacy over accuracy. Geoff Keighley gave his own take on the rumours, claiming he had a hard time believing them death stranding was originally exclusive to PlayStation and would likely have been picked up again by Sony should a sequel go into production.

Kojima has been at the center of many speculative stories, such as when a picture of him was linked to the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. What likely originated as a meme on 4chan was later misidentified as the perpetrator of the attack, promoted by a French politician and several news outlets around the world.

Regardless of how the Stadia rumor spread, many believed that any decision to decline a Hideo Kojima video game exclusive was a misguided business move. How or if Google plans to compensate existing contracts that have now lapsed is still unclear, but fortunately some titles have already found a new home on Xbox or PlayStation.

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Source: Spotify Hideo Kojima addresses Stadia exclusive rumours

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