Here are all the Fox News stars who promised a red tsunami

In the days leading up to Tuesday’s crucial midterm election, Fox News anchors and commentators went into overdrive, confidently promoting the notion that Republicans would win “historic” victories and crush Democrats in an unprecedented “red hurricane.”

At the end of Tuesday night, however, amidst Democrats defying expectations and the promised red wave turning into little more than a trickle, many of these Fox News stars began to think a little and wonder what went wrong was.

While the narrative of a massive GOP win played out on the Fox News airwaves for months ahead of this week’s election, the conservative cable giant was hedging its bets over the summer as liberal fury over the reversal of Roe v. calf and White House legislative victories suggested Democrats might be able to overcome traditional headwinds.

Buoyed by a spate of pro-GOP polls, soaring gas prices, rising crime and stubborn inflation, the network has led the charge of the right-wing media in recent weeks by predicting a whopping Republican victory. Not only did they insist that the GOP would easily overtake the House by a comfortable margin, but many Fox pundits also predicted that the Democrats would lose several Senate seats and even the New York governorship.

Aired on October 27th The five, for example, noisy MAGA Fox News host Jesse Watters was so confident in his prediction of a “wave election” that he and colleague Geraldo Rivera bet $1,000 on the GOP taking back the House and Senate. Judge Jeanine Pirro, another pro-Trump anchor who would later say Democrats would consider “assassination” in the upcoming election, also made the same bet with Rivera. (When asked by The Daily Beast if he still plans to cash from Pirro and Watters now that it seems increasingly unlikely that the GOP will take over the Senate, Rivera simply replied, “Yup.”)

While Watters and Pirro would continue to confidently promise viewers that the GOP was poised for a blowout win in the next two weeks, they weren’t alone in their predictions.

From October 16 through the afternoon of Election Day, the term “red wave” was mentioned more than 450 times on Fox News and its sister station Fox Business Network. And while much of that rhetoric was uttered by GOP strategists and politicians instilling confidence in their upcoming races, Fox personalities were more than willing to play along.

React to The view Host Sunny Hostin compared Republican white women to roaches, Fox News contributor Lisa Marie Boothe urged viewers to watch the ABC post-election talk show to rejoice in the panel losing them over GOP victories.

“I think everyone should look at the November 9 prospect to see the meltdown that’s going to happen because the Democrats are being crushed. They are,” Boothe explained to Fox Business last week. “Democrats will be crushed on November 8 because a red wave is coming in part over such garbage.”

Greg Gutfeld, host of the Fox News-based “late-night comedy,” also shot at media rivals while predicting Democrat losses.

“Dems taught us a lot of words like bankruptcy, default and multiple stab wounds, but I bet Joy will learn two new words on Tuesday: ‘Red Wave,’” he joked. “Hope she doesn’t get over her head.”

However, nowhere did the hopium flow more freely than on Sean Hannity’s show.

Hannya key figure in the failed Senate campaign of Dr. Mehmet Oz, regularly featured other pro-Trump colleagues in recent days, who offered sunny forecasts for Republicans — that is, if Hannity didn’t offer GOP politicians an open forum to further their campaigns.

Fox News contributor and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich boldly told Hannity in his final election predictions last week that the GOP would win up to five Senate seats and 44 in the House. He even went so far as to predict that the GOP would win the New Hampshire Senate and stand a decent chance in Washington — two states where the GOP candidates were easily defeated by a fairly wide margin. “So I think it’s going to be a great night,” Gingrich gushed

As of Wednesday afternoon, meanwhile, Democrats are poised to either retain their Senate seats or even gain an additional one, while Republicans are likely to win a very narrow majority in the House of Representatives.

Former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara, now a Fox News commentator, also told Hannity last week, “We could see things happening in America that we haven’t seen in decades with the historic red wave.”

In the final 24 hours leading up to Election Day, confidence only grew.

Kellyanne Conway, another ex-Trump aide-turned-Fox News pundit, said on Hannity’s show Monday night, “I think a number of people deserve a lot of credit for going the Republican path,” and Trump will have “one tomorrow there’s a lot of good things to say about the candidates he supports.” (After the election, Fox News and other Murdoch-owned media outlets are quickly turned around to skepticism and even outright criticism of Trump after the GOP’s extreme underperformance, largely due to Trump-backed candidates.)

Watters, referring to his bet with Rivera, added on his Monday night broadcast: “And if there’s no red wave, I’ll dance. How about that?”

Fox & Friends weekend Host Pete Hegseth claimed President Joe Biden was being ruined by the results. “This midterm election is the end of Joe Biden’s political career,” he told the Faulkner Focus on Monday. “If the red wave comes, and it comes, Joe Biden’s political utility is over. It will be the start of a race to the bottom as to who will replace him.”

Hegseths fox & friends Colleagues, meanwhile, spent Monday morning seemingly trying to outdo one another by forecasting a landslide victory for the GOP.

“Can I say something about what’s going on because I think this election is going to be a red wave and obviously the American people don’t agree with that [Biden] about his war on American energy”, Fox & Friends weekend Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy claimed.

Steve Doocy agreed, adding that “red wave predictions are accurate”. His proof: SNL had done a skit over the weekend before mocking Biden. “Saturday night live know Joe is going to lose big, so they joke about it,” the longtime said fox & friends said Stern.

With just hours before polls closed, others at Fox were still willingly spreading the word that a “red wave” was coming, including Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren and Fox Business host Stuart Varney.

But perhaps no Fox News personality was more optimistic about the GOP’s chances than contributor Marc Thiessen. In several pre-election appearances, he assured viewers that not only was it in the bag for Republicans, but that Democrats were about to suffer a historically humiliating defeat.

“Will it be a red wave or a tsunami? I think a hurricane. If you think back to August, Democrats thought the skies would clear, the sun came out,” he exclaimed Monday America’s Newsroom. “You were just in the eye of the storm. Now the storm strikes again. so it will be a red hurricane.”

By Tuesday night, however, Thiessen had quickly changed his mind — and appeared to place the lion’s share of the blame on Trump and the MAGA movement.

“We have the worst inflation in four decades, the worst real wage collapse in 40 years, the worst crime wave since the 1990s, the worst border crisis in US history, we have Joe Biden, the most disliked president since Harry Truman, since the presidential election took place and there was no red wave,” Thiessen raged during Fox News’ midterm election coverage. “This is a searing indictment against the Republican Party. This is a sharp indictment of the message we sent to voters. They looked at all of that and looked at the Republican alternative and said, ‘No thanks.’

He doubled down on that assessment Wednesday morning, stating that the GOP nominated “a bunch of people that voters would have rejected in a lot of these Senate elections” and that the “refusal to vote got people over the edge.” Here are all the Fox News stars who promised a red tsunami

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