Harvey Weinstein’s accuser’s daughter says her mother inspired her to report her own molester

The daughter of an Italian model who was allegedly assaulted by Harvey Weinstein took the stand on Tuesday and described to jurors how she felt empowered to contact police about her own sexual assault after her mother revealed to her that what the ousted Hollywood producer allegedly did inside a Beverly Hills hotel room in 2013.

Maria C., the 21-year-old daughter of Jane Doe 1, told a Los Angeles Superior Court jury that after she was sexually molested by a former high school classmate, she was initially reluctant to contact authorities turn around. But during an after-dinner conversation with her mother in 2017, Jane Doe 1 insisted that she come forward and report the abuse – before eventually saying she too had had a similarly harrowing experience and choosing to remain silent.

“I said I just wanted to leave it in the past. That I just wanted to get it over with. That I just wanted the student to stop stalking me. I told her she didn’t understand,” Maria C. said on the witness stand. “She said that because she was raped, she understands it like never before.”

Weeks after Maria C. filed her September 2017 police report, she said she urged her mother to finally tell her story — including the name of her alleged attacker.

“I had told my mother that I had made my end of the deal,” she said. “I kept my end of the deal and it was her turn and I wanted to know who it was.”

Maria C. told jurors that Jane Doe 1 “couldn’t stop moving and fidgeting” when she finally told her daughter Weinstein allegedly had sex when she assaulted her in February 2013.

After the conversation, her daughter said she googled Weinstein – and found that she had seen him at a film festival earlier in the year. During the 2017 Los Angeles Italia Film Festival, she said Jane Doe 1 “got very nervous” and pushed her out of the room when she saw Weinstein “sitting and staring straight at my mother and I, not taking his eyes off of it.”

Finally, Maria C. said she also learned “that the man who raped her was at the beginning of the first articles of the MeToo movement.”

Jane Doe 1 previously told jurors that Weinstein showed up unannounced in her hotel room in 2013. After allegedly forcing his way into room 808 at Mr. C’s, she said Weinstein eventually took off his pants and forced her to give him oral sex. When he was “having trouble getting an erection,” Weinstein said, she “walked” into the bathroom, where he masturbated, pinning her against the sink.

“Come on little girl, tell me you like it. You like it,” she said, Weinstein telling her at some point in the bathroom. “I wanted to die. It was disgusting. It was humiliating, miserable. I didn’t fight.”

After the attack, she said Weinstein warned her not to tell anyone, before stressing, “You don’t know me.”

The model was the first to testify against Weinstein at his sex crimes trial in Los Angeles. Weinstein, 70, has pleaded not guilty to a number of charges including rape after prosecutors claimed he sexually assaulted five women between 2003 and 2014. Jane Doe 1 is among eight women ordered to testify against Weinstein, who was sentenced to 23 years in prison after being convicted of similar crimes in a 2020 trial in New York. Harvey Weinstein’s accuser’s daughter says her mother inspired her to report her own molester

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