Harley Quinn from Gotham Knights might as well be a completely different character

SPOILERS AHEADIt’s easy to see the discourse around Gotham Knights and think the game is an absolute disaster, but that’s not 100% the case. It undoubtedly got off to a rocky start, however Gotham Knights Reviews are more mixed than negative. For example, OpenCritic has a Top Critic Average of 70, which is by no means a bad game. Only about 44% of reviewers actually recommend it. There are a few reasons for this, but many agree that the story is weak, there are features that feel incomplete, and so on. Many find Gotham City and the combat fun, albeit repetitive, and it has a few saving graces that ensure its solid critics’ average.


But maybe where Gotham Knights Dropping the ball the most is Harley Quinn. There Gotham Knights Not directly connected to other DC media like Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse, WB Games Montreal had a degree of freedom in its character portrayals. Mr. Freeze and Clayface are also underwhelming, but more or less the characters fans know and love. It’s not Harley Quinn.

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Gotham Knights’ Harley Quinn is completely off-base

Harley Quinn is met at Blackgate Penitentiary, where players learn that she has mostly “gone straight” after a stint with a certain team, no doubt alluding to this Harley Quinn being in the Suicide Squad at some point. After completing a few quests for her, players will hunt evidence through the prison where she made her mistake. Free on the streets, she begins to confront the freak faction Gotham Knights, selling them on implants that make them stronger. After a few missions, players defeat her, arrest her, and she appreciates how they follow Batman in keeping criminals off the streets.

Meanwhile, Harley Quinn refers to himself as Dr. Q, and that’s fitting because she’s not the manic pixie fans know and love. From the start, Harley Quinn has had an influencer motive that brings her closer borderland 3‘s Tyreen Calypso in characterization than any other version of Harley Quinn. She influences the prisoners at Blackgate, she influences the freaks on the street, and she uses an online platform to collect formulas and sell them on these implants. Why is never explained, but what’s worse, Harley Quinn never feels like herself. She’s far too quiet, her message is too to the point, and she comes across as a lot more like a calm and calculated serial killer than anything else . In other words, it’s clear that Harley Quinn has a few bats loose, but never in the way she’d expect.

She’s far too predictable, her worst acts are nowhere near the weirdness fans are expecting, and she ends up feeling mute. A tame Harley Quinn doesn’t make a Harley Quinn, and once players close their case files Gotham Knightsmaybe it’s best to ignore that she ever existed in game or otherwise.

Gotham Knights is now available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

MORE: Gotham Knights is off to a rocky start Harley Quinn from Gotham Knights might as well be a completely different character

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