Guild Wars 2 ads add fun to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

A new ad from Guild Wars 2 makes fun of you World of Warcraft: DragonflightFlagship Features of . In the new commercial Guild Wars 2 features its own dynamic dragon riding system, which it’s had for years World of Warcraft even announced dragonflight.

Guild Wars 2 introduced mounts in its second expansion, path of fireback in 2017. Ever since Guild Wars 2 added nearly a dozen mounts, each with unique movement abilities and abilities to navigate the world. Guild Wars 2 has two flying mounts: the Griffon and the dragon-like Skyscale. Each of them works on a different physics, with the former behaving like a high-speed glider and the latter offering more precise altitude control.


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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight introduces the dragon riding mechanic. This new form of flight allows players to take their customizable dragon mounts to the skies of the Dragon Isles with reactive physics, special maneuvers, and a power meter. Guild Wars 2 couldn’t help but notice the similarities between World of Warcraft’s new flight system and its existing ones. During one of his last ads, Guild Wars 2 asked “Why wait to ride a dragon?” in an apparent attempt to aim Impressive Player.

Guild Wars 2’s The claim of having “the best mounts in MMOs” is well deserved. Each of his mounts has special abilities to traverse the world in unique ways. Like Dragonriding in dragonflightunlocking mount upgrades is a part of endgame progression. Guild Wars 2 Mounts even have special combat abilities to attack enemies.

fans of Guild Wars 2 got a kick out of ArenaNet’s new ad. When World of Warcraft first revealed Dragonriding, players also noted the similarities with Guild Wars 2’s flying system. With more than 600 comments on the ad in just a few days, players clearly enjoyed it Guild Wars 2’s dig at his competitor.

However, some fans couldn’t help but notice Guild Wars 2’s The ad didn’t mention the difficulty of unlocking the Griffon and Skyscale mounts. Both mounts require one to reach max level, beat those path of fire Story and complete complex collection achievements. The Skyscale is particularly notorious – it requires access to every Living World Season 4 zone and takes at least three days for the dedicated one, but two or more weeks for most players. Considering that Dragonriding unlocks for free almost immediately after arriving at the Dragon Isles, players may technically have to wait longer to ride a dragon once they start playing Guild Wars 2 now as if they wait until World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Begin.

Guild Wars 2 is available for PC.

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