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Grounded by Obsidian Entertainment finally released in 2022 and people can’t get enough of the heavily inspired survival game Honey, I shrunk the kids. The game features a backyard sandbox in which players attempt to survive, craft, and explore a relatively familiar area that becomes unfamiliar once they have shrunk to the size of insects and other bugs.

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Players will learn to craft both shelter and food, with some of the more complicated crafting recipes greatly enhancing survival gameplay. Smoothies are a delicious treat for people of normal height, but when children are shrunken they have to resort to making them out of insect parts and whatever else they can get their hands on.


8/8 human food

Of all the smoothies, this could be considered the group’s most “normal” concoction. It’s made with fresh apple chunks, fresh cookie sandwich chunks, and fresh billy hog bites. Due to the ingredients used, it is labeled accordingly as human food.

Crafting and consuming grants the player additional damage resistance, which provides additional defenses on top of any armor equipped. The brown goo might not look all that appetizing, but at least players know they’re not ingesting a mix of bug bits and dirty vegetation.

7/8 Gastro Goo

Gastro goo sounds less like a smoothie and more like the result of someone overeating Taco Bell, but it’s a lot more useful than its name might suggest. There are many treacherous areas in Grounded where the player needs to be prepared if they want to explore and survive effectively. Making yourself immune to gas damage can be crucial to finding a new discovery.

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However, making the Gastro Goo smoothie won’t be easy as players will need to collect stink bug gas bags, mushroom growth and a good amount of aphid honeydew. Gas acts like a poison in the world of Groundedand it’s something that may surprise new or unfamiliar players, and before they know it, they’ll succumb to the noxious fumes given off by the various tough bugs in the yard.

6/8 Liquid gills

Not everyone is endowed with the ability to swim underwater for long periods of time. in the Grounded, Being able to explore what lies beneath the surface of the water can open up new opportunities for crafting, discovery, and survival. Combining water flea meat, raw tadpole, and seaweed strands, players can blend them into a smoothie aptly named Liquid Gills.

It allows the player to breathe underwater, which is a lot easier than trying to shrink the scuba gear or finding a really long straw or a tube of grass to accomplish the same feat.

5/8 Hedge Lord

For as much fun as Grounded can be a pretty hard-hitting survival game in terms of crafting and exploration, depending on the difficulty of the game of course. Finding clean sources of water and nutritious meals can feel like a tedious task while playing.

Hedge Lord is a smoothie that can alleviate a lot of worry and anger when it comes to controlling your thirst and hunger. It consists of berry chunks, aphid honeydew and pieces of acorn. It’s nice to know that the smoothie made from arguably the most delicious ingredients could be the one that players end up making and using the most due to its utility.

4/8 increase juice

Creating a safe haven and surviving the dangers of a backyard takes a lot of perseverance. Humans can end up in bad positions if they don’t manage their stamina properly during their adventures. Luckily, there’s a smoothie that can come in handy that will increase the player’s max stamina.

A blend of mushrooms, acorn chunks, and raw aphid meat creates a smoothie known as Boost Juice. The name makes it sound a lot more desirable than it is, but if a stamina boost is all that stands between death or a nifty escape, players won’t think to munch on raw aphid meat.

3/8 fluff on the rocks

Grounded is a game about shrinking a bunch of kids in a backyard and tasked with survival. Kids love to pretend to be adults, so a smoothie named similarly to a popular alcoholic drink might perk up some ears. The Fuzz on the Rocks is not a placebo as the smoothie actually increases the player’s max health.

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It sounds a lot better than it probably tastes considering the ingredients needed to make it. Players need access to Clay, Mite Fuzz, and Pebblets in order to serve their own Fuzz on the Rocks. Most things that are good for humans tend not to taste great, and this smoothie is just another example.

2/8 green machine

Sure, the Green Machine is the name of the vegan smoothie at the local coffee shop, but it’s also one of the better smoothies around Grounded. Those looking for seemingly infinite stamina need to consume one of these smoothies to achieve the accelerated endurance recovery speed.

A mixture of seaweed, twig and shamrock will do the trick. Just head over and analyze the algae to unlock the Green Machine in the crafting menu. Because it’s entirely plant-based, it’s one of the easiest smoothies to make, provided a solid spawning ground for algae has been found.

1/8 liquid rage

Honestly, this list could have unfolded in a number of ways depending on how the person reading it is playing Grounded. Obsidian Entertainment has done a great job of providing a sandbox full of dangers and mysteries. The best smoothie in the game, in general, might be one called Liquid Rage.

Once the player analyzes a Larva Spike, they gain the ability to craft it using Larva Spikes, Spider Fangs, and Red Ant Mandibles. It offers the player improved attack power, which is fitting considering how difficult it is to get the materials needed to craft it in the first place.

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