Former OneTaste teacher is suing for trying to stop the release of Netflix documentary Orgasm Inc

An ex-OneTaste member says a recent lawsuit trying to stop the release of a Netflix documentary about the Orgasm Meditation group may be nothing more than an attempt to silence their victims which some have accused the company of operating like a cult.

Attorney Paul Nicholas Boylan filed the lawsuit against Netflix and director Sarah Gibson last month on behalf of 14 unidentified plaintiffs who believe they are being screened Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste. The documentary, due for release on November 5, will focus on the group’s curriculum, which highlights the transcendental benefits of enhanced clitoral stimulation.

But a former OneTaste member who has spent several years at the company, including some as a teacher, says the lawsuit is a last-ditch effort by OneTaste to protect its reputation and “very much in line” with the way founder Nicole Daedone works .

“This is about protecting Nicole Daedone. Your current intention regarding this documentary is to shoot the messengers,” the ex-member told The Daily Beast.

Boylan is seeking an injunction to prevent Netflix from releasing the film in its current form because it could irreparably damage its customers’ reputations. A hearing is scheduled for Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

“These are courses that involve intimate behavior and intimate contacts,” Boylan tells The Daily Beast. “They were given a safe space to explore sexuality. They are concerned that nudity may be included in these videos.”

When asked about the former teacher’s claims that the lawsuit was merely an attempt to protect OneTaste, Boylan said of his clients, “I don’t think these people are making shills for OneTaste. I think they come because they really have privacy interests that they think are being violated.”

Daedone and OneTaste did not respond to requests for comment from The Daily Beast.

OneTaste, founded by Daedone in 2005, has been accused of seducing its members with ideals of changing the world through orgasmic meditation – as long as they pay exorbitant seminar fees, which are said to be $80,000 per class, according to a former member. The organization went dark shortly after a bombshell was released Bloomberg 2018 article in which some ex-members said OneTaste “shoved them into sexual bondage and five-figure debt.” A related group called the Institute of Om took their place, but OneTaste seems to have come back with a new website in recent months.

The FBI said it investigated the organization back in 2018. The bureau did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The Daily Beast on the status of the investigation.

The former OneTaste teacher, who spoke to The Daily Beast – who declined to be named for fear of retaliation from OneTaste and Daedone – said they believed deeply in the company’s mission to bring the world “the benefits of human connections”. through orgasm meditation The prices of Daedone began to skyrocket. Accordingly, the company grew to 18 million US dollars in 2017 Bloomberg.

For his part, Boylan believes his clients — who he says are not currently affiliated with OneTaste — simply don’t want to be associated with a controversial organization, especially when the footage shows them in compromising positions.

“These people are all scared,” he says. “Some worry it could lead to child custody issues. Imagine a disgruntled husband or wife seeing you sitting in the crowd and saying your association with OneTaste makes you unsuitable as a parent.”

With the documentary’s premiere date fast approaching, Boylan says he and his clients will pursue their lawsuit seeking financial damages if the court doesn’t grant the injunction before the film’s release this Saturday.

Director Gibson previously defended the film’s use of OneTaste course and seminar material, arguing that it was necessary to convey the impact the group has on a large number of followers.

“All of the footage featured in our film was sourced entirely legally by us and much was already public and disseminated by OneTaste itself or on Youtube or in previous news. No one’s rights were violated by the footage we used,” Gibson told the Netflix-owned publication Tudum by email. “Where more sensitive footage was included, we used it sparingly and took great care and responsibility in editing and cropping so as not to exploit it or make it too sensational.”

Netflix declined to comment on this article. Former OneTaste teacher is suing for trying to stop the release of Netflix documentary Orgasm Inc

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