Fallout 4: Player points out issue with Shelbie Dialogue

A failure 4 The player noticed a typo in a line of dialogue from store clerk Shelbie Chase, who highlights the mistake on Reddit for others to poke fun at. All in all, it’s a pretty minor bug aside from most of the technical glitches failure 4 seen in his life, but for those who have an aversion to bad grammar, it will likely strike a nerve anyway.

The latest main line Stand out has been out for seven years now, and while Bethesda is focusing on it these days Fallout 76 When it comes to the franchise, players continue to explore the post-apocalyptic expanses of the Commonwealth and discover new things. These range from rarely explored locations to previously unknown tricks that can make for a smoother adventure, but they also include the occasional bug or bug of sorts that Bethesda left in the game.


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Grammar fans might cringe at such a mistake, which Samanthaohm pointed out on Reddit, as it is one of the most common grammatical errors one can come across. Players can encounter Shelbie Chase in the Nuka-Town Marketplace, and one of the lines she says when she greets her is “If you need supplies, then I’m your girl.” Although the line is so easy to understand, it changes They are unaware of the fact that the subtitles incorrectly use the contracting “you’re” as in “you are” instead of the correct “your” and Samanthaohm’ One has to wonder who at Bethesda was responsible for proofreading Shelbie’s dialogue .

Unsurprisingly, fans reacted to this discovery with plenty of playful mockery. Samanthaohm and other Reddit users took advantage of the joke by using the wrong versions of “you’re” and “your” in their replies. A few others also pointed out that this is not the only case of this type of grammatical error in failure 4, as one of the dialogue options when talking to Mason is “Do as you are told”. Needless to say, many jokes have been made at the expense of Bethesda and its quality assurance.

With how big open world games failure 4 it’s understandable that bugs like this can creep into the final version, especially when developers are busy fixing more problematic glitches. Combine that with failure 4With more than 110,000 lines of dialogue throughout the numerous story missions, side quests, and general NPC interactions, one could be forgiven for forgetting a few minor typos every now and then.

That means Bethesda’s next game, starfieldshould come up with more than twice as many dialogues as failure 4, with over 260,000 lines. With this mountain of dialogue to sort through, grammar lovers might be concerned that a few typos might escape Bethesda’s attention. However, should that happen, it might at least make for a good laugh, just like with failure 4.

failure 4 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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