F1 Manager 2022: Best Race Engineers

F1 manager has impressed since its release in August 2022, attracting gamers and Formula 1 fans around the world. A big selling point of Frontier Developments’ new flagship game is its incredible attention to detail. Every decision makes a difference, and big decisions in races can change the season. Because of this, hiring the best race engineer is critical to success in F1 Managers 2022. Finding the right strategy for each rider can mean the difference between a podium finish or a battle in the end.

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Race Engineers have an overall score and three important stats: pit crew management, communication, and feedback. Pit crew management determines how fast a driver’s pit stops are. Communication determines how quickly the driver connects with his engineer. Feedback determines how long it takes to find the perfect car setup in free practice. These are the best race engineers in the world F1 Manager 2022 that will bring success to every rider they manage.


7/7 Hugo Vogel

Cambridge University graduate Hugh Bird is one of the finest racing engineers in the world F1 Manager 2022 with an overall rating of 80. He is the race engineer for Red Bull driver Sergio Perez and has been instrumental in the driver’s recent success. Hugh Bird has also played a pivotal role in Red Bull’s first constructors’ title since 2013 that year and his success is reflected in the game.

While he may have a poor Communications rating of 56, his 86 Pit Crew Management and 97 Feedback rating more than make up for it. He has the highest feedback rating in the game, which means he’s the best race engineer when setting up the car. That makes him an enormous asset F1 manager since auto setups are so important.

6/7 Xavier Marcos Padros

Xavier Marcos Padros gained his first technical experience in Formula 1 for HRT in 2010. He then joined Williams as Felipe Massa’s race engineer, now the Spaniard is the race engineer of Monaco’s golden boy Charles Leclerc. Although Ferrari made some questionable strategic decisions in the 2022 Formula 1 season, Xavier Marcos Padros is one of the best in the game.

An overall rating of 83 is made up of 80 pit crew management, 78 communication and 92 feedback. The Spanish race engineer has balanced stats and shines with car setups that can be so important F1 Manager 2022. Take him away from Ferrari’s questionable strategy team and he can be a great part of any team.

5/7 BenMichel

British tire expert and Aston Martin race engineer Ben Michell is one of the best race engineers in the world. He has over 8 years experience in Formula 1 having previously worked for Caterham F1 and Torro Ross. He started out as a tire specialist and brought his knowledge and skills to the pit wall as Lance Stroll’s race engineer.

He is a great communicator with a score of 84 including 86 in pit crew management, 92 in communication and 74 in feedback. He’s one of the best communicators in the game, making him a great choice as he adapts quickly to a new driver and builds the bond every driver needs with their race engineer.

4/7 Gianpiero Lambiase

Gianpiero Lambiase has been in Formula 1 for 17 years and has worked for Jordan, Force India and now Red Bull since 2015. He is currently the race engineer for two-time world champion Max Verstappen and has played a large part in the rise of the Dutchman. The Italian-British engineer is often praised for his calm, direct and precise communication. He also became Red Bull’s Head of Race Engineering in 2022, leading them to their first Constructors’ Trophy since 2013.

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In game he is rated 84 with 90 Pit Crew Management, 70 Communication and 92 Feedback. While it comes as a surprise that his Communications is his lowest stat, that makes him a great engineer F1 Manager 2022. It will offer quick pit stops and great car setups at every race, a brilliant choice for any driver.

3/7 Riccardo Adami

Riccardo Adami has had a huge part in the success of the Red Bull young driver program having coached so many young drivers through Torro Rosso. He has over twenty years experience in the sport having worked for Minardi, Torro Rosso and now Ferrari. The Italian race engineer has worked with Vitantonio Liuzzi, four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, Sebastian Buemi and Daniel Riccardo and is now Carlos Sainz’s race engineer.

In game, he is one of the most versatile race engineers in the game. An overall rating of 85 is made up of 82 pit crew management, 88 communication and 85 feedback. Riccardo Adami has no weaknesses in the game and strengths in all three stats. Get him away from Ferrari’s questionable strategy team and watch him shine for every driver.

2/7 Riccardo Musconi

Riccardo Musconi has been at the heart of everything great at Mercedes in their unrivaled dominance in Formula 1 since they returned to the sport in 2010. He was also a crucial cog in Brawn GP’s incredible title wins in 2009 and stayed with the team when Mercedes won over a year later. The Italian engineer was Valtteri Bottas’ race engineer at Mercedes and is now the race engineer for British prodigy George Russell.

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in the F1 Manager 2022 He has a 90 rating, with 83 in pit crew management, 96 in communication and 92 in feedback. These stats make him the second best race engineer in the game. However, he has a slight affinity with George Russel in the game and only has one year left on his contract. This makes it relatively easy to sign him for any team given the right offer.

1/7 Peter Bonnington

The most famous race engineer of all time, Peter Bonnington is a Formula 1 legend. F1 fans around the world will have heard his famous “It’s Hammer Time” line, synonymous with his unparalleled success in modern Formula 1. He was Jenson Button’s performance engineer for his title win in 2009 and has worked as a performance engineer for the legendary Michael Schumacher. However, he is best known for his work as Lewis Hamilton’s race engineer. He has helped Hamilton to six of his seven world titles and has been instrumental in the British legend’s success.

His in-game stats reflect his incredible technical skills. His overall rating of 93 is made up of 93 pit crew management, 99 communication and 96 feedback. Peter Bonnington is the best racing engineer in the world F1 Manager 2022 and a true legend of the sport.

F1 Manager 2022 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Epic Games and Steam.

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