Expected main regions in the new MMO League of Legends

The new League of Legends MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) has been highly anticipated since Riot Games announced it in 2020. It has tremendous potential to build on one of the biggest games of the past decade. League of Legends has many interesting characters, an ever-expanding, detailed universe, and a huge fan base that, with the right application, could become an incredible MMO.

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In 2018, Riot Games created a huge interactive map of Runeterra with the 10 regions of its world. You can create a dynamic, immersive, and intricate environment that brings Runeterra to life. So here are the main regions to expect in theLeague of Legends MMO and how they are likely to appear in the game.


10/10 Piltover and Zaun

After the remarkable success of arcane Netflix series, it seems certain that the game will revolve around Piltover and Zaun. Piltover, also known as the City of Progress, is the great city Arcane is set in. In game it will likely be a central trading hub with futuristic hextech features.

Here, players should expect quests and storylines from popular characters like Jayce, Vi, Jinx, Victor, and Heimerdinger. But don’t forget the dark and muddy slums of Zaun below Piltover. Which are sure to be full of mysteries and deceptions. There’s so much lore that Riot Games could build on, especially at the back arcaneis the big success. Expect Piltover and Zaun to be the main hubs of the League of Legends MMO.

9/10 noxus

The world of Runeterra would not be complete without the warring nation of Noxus. Home to Darius, Draven, Samira and many more, the Noxians respect strength above all else. Anyone can come to power here, regardless of influence, money or social standing. They seek to threaten and invade nearby empires to increase their strength and power.

Noxus is a big part of League of Legends Lore and is a perfect setting in an MMO. Players can come here to prove their strength, gain power and wage war. Expect the region to be filled with violence, large armies, and powerful warriors.

8/10 Demacia

If you’ve played League of Legends then you’ve surely heard one of the Demacian champions brag about the size of the region. Demacia was once considered the home of justice, honor, and duty. They have a prestigious military history and are very proud of their culture. However, after the sudden death of King Jarvan III, the mighty kingdom is in turmoil. It’s a region facing a precipitous decline as the mysterious evil forces try to take advantage of the chaos.

Home to many legendary champions such as Garen, Jarvan IV, Fiora, Kayle and many more. Players should expect to attempt to lead the once mighty kingdom back to its glory days, or even be a key wheel in its downfall.

7/10 freljord

Far in the far north, the Freljord is a cold, harsh, unforgiving land where surviving is a challenge. Riot Games took inspiration from ancient Viking tales to create the Tribes of the North. It is an extremely proud nation that remains largely independent and isolated from the rest of Runeterra.

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Home to champions like Volibear, Sejuani, Ashe, Braum and more finds itself in civil war with three tribes fighting over the future of the frozen wilderness. One tribe values ​​the region’s traditions to aid their survival and believes the ancient ways should guide them again. Another tribe follows a young idealist who believes in a united future between tribes to create a better future. The last tribe worship the sorceress Lissandra, they believe her magic will ensure they survive and prosper.

6/10 Ionia

Ionia is a vast array of islands composed of natural beauty and magic. Also known as the First Lands, they are spiritual people seeking harmony and perfect balance with nature. They were largely separated from the rest of Runeterra and remained neutral in world affairs until attacked by the Noxian armies.

This brutal occupation has forced them into a new way of thinking, many looking to dark forces to stand up to their oppressors. Home to Irelia, Yone, Yasuo, Ivern and more, players should expect a world of beauty and mystery plagued by war. Whether players support or hinder the new cast could decide the future of Ionia.

5/10 bilgewater

Home to pirates, looters, smugglers and many shady characters, Bilgewater is a dangerous haven for those brave enough to take advantage. Free from laws, governments and moral compulsions, coin is the only constant in this criminal paradise.

Miss Fortune, Pyke, Twisted Fate, and Gangplank are just a few of the champions who have used chaos to their advantage. Players should expect lies, betrayal and robbery in this lawless haven.

4/10 The Shadow Isles

The Shadow Isles were once a beautiful realm, home to an enlightened civilization known as the Blessed Isles. But a thousand years ago, a terrible catastrophe brought ruin to this once great nation. Now a region of death and despair, a black mist surrounds the islands, draining the life force of every creature trapped there.

They become spirits of the dead seeking the souls of others. Viego, Hecarim, Karthus, and Thresh are just a few of the champions who are damned spirits trapped in this hell for eternity. Players should expect danger at every turn and would do well not to be consumed by the Black Mist, doomed to a fate worse than death.

3/10 Shurima

The empire of Shuirma was once the pride of all of Runeterra, spanning the entire southern continent. However, the Emperor of Shurima (Azir) was betrayed by his closest friend (Xerath), bringing the downfall of the once mighty nation. The capital was devastated by the disaster known as “The Fall”.

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Now Shurima is nothing more than a desert wasteland steeped in history and ancient powers. Akshan, Amumu, Nasus and Sivir still call this desert home. Players will find a vast desert where ancient magic rises from the sands. Many would like to see Shurima return to its glory days, and players can potentially play a big part in that.

2/10 Ixtal

Located deep in the jungle, Ixtal is a nation of great magical natural powers. They draw the surrounding wilderness to form a shield to protect the region from evil forces. Champions like Rengar, Neeko, Qiyana, Nidalee and more live in this wild jungle. They look down on outsiders and don’t think they are worth their time.

Ixtal was formerly part of the Shurima Empire but gained independence after the Ikathian War. Players should not be welcomed here, the jungles of Ixtal are filled with mysterious and dangerous creatures. It is a region shrouded in mystery and should be approached with caution.

1/10 Targon

Targon is a mountainous region that draws dreamers and crazy alike to its rocky terrain. It is a sparsely populated region with little civilization. Very few survive the perilous pilgrimage up the mountain, but those who do will find the gateway to the heavenly realm. It is home to Aphelios, Diana, Leona, Zoe and more.

Many have tried to harness the power of the heavenly kingdom and trick the divine beings. Wars were fought over these powers. The stakes have never been higher as Aurelion Sol seeks revenge for his worshiper’s deceit. Players should expect rugged terrain and epic battles with the gods and celestial beings of Runeterra.

League of Legends is now available for Mac and PC.

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