‘Enola Holmes 2’ Review – Millie Bobby Brown cracks the case again in Netflix’s Whip-Smart sequel

strange thing Besides that, what has Millie Bobby Brown been up to all these years? She’s acted in a few godzilla Films that have gone viral on the internet multiple times (once for an “Imagine” video, once for her being a flat earthling, and a couple of times for her appearance on Hot Ones) and continued to shave her head for stranger things. But Netflix Enola Holmes Movies should solidify the young actress as a vivacious leading lady, with the perfect amount of naivety, wit and guts to carry a movie.

Unfortunately, only Netflix seems to have picked up on Brown’s undeniable charisma. Unfortunately, it’s taken the streamer years to update her two unfolding storylines. New seasons of stranger thingsas we all know it is years away from coming out and a few more years have passed since its triumph Enola Holmes debuted. but Enola Holmes 2 is finally here to break the fourth wall once more with another wonderful performance from the perky leading lady and her flood of delightful co-stars.

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Since it’s been a few years without her, let’s recap where we left little Miss Enola. After finding her radical feminist mother, Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter), the young girl realized that her life’s purpose was to become a detective – just like her older brother, Sherlock (Henry Cavill). heard of him? Well, he’s also in the process of becoming Enola’s legal guardian since her mother has bigger fires to put out (or rather start). Enola isn’t too sure where she stands with her love interest, the devilishly charming Lord Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge), either.

Now, two years after the first film, Tewkesbury is a whole Man. Gone are the boyish days of sneaking away and fooling around; he’s now passing bills and campaigning for the environment as the industrial revolution sweeps over London. But Enola doesn’t care about him. She doesn’t need a man! She starts her own detective agency for young ladies, where she enjoys taking on all the cases that need to be solved around the city. There’s just one problem: everyone thinks they’re going to take the case to Sherlock Holmes, not his little sister.

Speaking of the industrial revolution, one of the great new additions from Enola Holmes 2 is its connection to the real world. Although the first story dealt mostly with stories from Nancy Springer’s novels The Mysteries of Enola Holmesthe sequel takes up the true story of the matchstick girls’ strike in 1888. Enola’s first case as a private investigator will be the search for a missing Match Girls sister, who also deals with the abusive behavior of her boss at the match factory.

This historical event, interwoven with Enola’s fictionalized personal life and separate pursuits, adds an extra layer of thrill to the mix. The stakes are higher than ever for Enola as she must rescue these poor match girls before they all develop a highly deadly disease called “Phossy Jaw,” an occupational disease that cursed quite a number of people in the late 18th century who worked with white phosphorus. Sherlock and Tewkesbury’s schemes are expertly threaded into the same true story, with the former solving a case linked to the government’s cover-up of the match factory owners’ corruption and the latter attempting to campaign for environmental rights across the city. (If he cares about the environment – what a cutie!)

As original as the Match Factory Incident Supplement is, Enola Holmes 2 can’t help but repeat the same feminist slur of his predecessor’s that grows stale in the process. We’ve seen this story before, not just in Enola Holmes, but also in many other similar stories about young women trying to navigate a male-dominated world. No one believes in Enola because she’s too young, she’s a woman, and her brother has already gained a lot more respect in the industry. Of course, she breaks down those barriers by overcoming the doubts by showing how talented she can be as a detective. It’s certainly uplifting, but that same shtick doesn’t resonate as much this time.

That being said, the sequel brings back one of the first film’s most memorable gimmicks: fourth wall breaks. People compared the first film to it fleasack for all the looks from Enola towards the camera, but the film used those looks for more than just humor. . Rather than highlight her personal struggle, Enola broke the fourth wall to advance the plot, a whimsical narrative tool for a grand detective story. With the sequel, however, Enola is retiring — which is a welcome change. She tells less (since we know more about her life, there’s no need for all the asides), but when she turns to us, it’s to explore her feelings.


Alex Bailey/Legendary/Netflix

This is fun to watch because Millie Bobby Brown brings us, the viewers, so much joy with her jokes as she responds to the ever-changing world around her. She frequently looks to us to discuss her tensions with Tewkesbury (these feel more fleasack than ever) raised her eyebrows as the pair chemistry danced just inches apart. Brown and Partridge are both so youthfully spirited that it’s a wonder Netflix didn’t sign them on to do a high school rom-com together.

By far the best part about Enola Holmes 2however, is more Sherlock (also known as “swol lock”) Holmes. Yes, it’s ironic – this is obviously Enola’s story about how she differs from her older brother. But the two work so well together that it would be a crime to separate them. Enola, stupid and opinionated, meddles in Sherlock’s detective work – although she is often more social and thoughtful than he is, he has a lot to teach her. Hearty, muscular and level-headed, Cavill pairs perfectly with Brown’s bubbly enola.

A good crime thriller and a fantastic heroine refresh the classic stories behind the text Enola Holmes 2. Unlike most Sherlock Holmes stories that have come before, the new one is Enola Holmes never takes itself too seriously. The parts it treats with more respect – the match girls’ strike, the feminist movement, etc. – lend the mystery a certain maturity, but when it comes to Enola himself? She’s just a teenager! She’s loads of fun, saves the day, and we all have a blast watching her shine (and make some hilarious mistakes along the way). ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Review – Millie Bobby Brown cracks the case again in Netflix’s Whip-Smart sequel

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