Elon Musk called ‘enormously fucked up’ by Twitter workers during mass layoffs

Scores of Twitter employees suddenly lost access to their work emails late Thursday when Elon Musk launched a brutal round of layoffs. The workers have reacted with mixed feelings; Some are devastated after spending years with the social media giant. Others are happy to finally get out of the chaos.

A now-former employee told The Daily Beast that it was an “enormously crappy way” to handle the layoffs. She said she found out she was terminated after she lost access to Slack, a corporate messaging platform.

The worst thing, she told the Beast, was watching her colleagues admit overnight that they too were unemployed and likening the mass layoffs to the famous “Snap” scene Avengers: Infinity War. Musk is expected to cut about half of Twitter’s 7,500 employees.

The ex-employee said she’s oddly glad she’s leaving, but noted that “a lot of people aren’t”. She expressed skepticism about the company’s ability to survive such drastic cuts, including engineering teams who she says were already working with skeleton crews after months of attrition.

Another former employee told The Daily Beast late Thursday that he also lost access to his work email. Just last week, the employee, even under Musk, expressed optimism about the future of Twitter. But things had changed as of yesterday, he said. He and his colleagues began exchanging farewell messages “just in case.”

“I was delighted that Elon bought Twitter,” he said, adding a clown emoji to echo his own judgement.

Musk completed his $44 billion acquisition of the company last month, ending a six-month period of nagging uncertainty. He immediately decided to make major changes, such as B. Charging users to verify their accounts, setting up a content moderation council, and drastically reducing overhead.

“Twitter’s flexible work-from-home policies are set to be scrapped.”

In a research note last week, Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives predicted that the buyout would go down “as one of the most overpaid tech acquisitions in history” by mergers and acquisitions on Wall Street, highlighting the financial pressures the company is under Musk is directly exposed.

Musk acknowledged in October that the deal was overpriced, but added that he still sees potential for long-term returns. He had initially agreed to buy Twitter in April, then spent months trying to wriggle out of the deal, arguing that the company had misled investors about the amount of spam and fake accounts on its platform.

The dispute made its way to the Delaware court, where a trial was set to begin last month until the billionaire abruptly agreed to complete the transaction.

Musk, who is now in charge, appears to be implementing the same hard work culture on Twitter as he does on SpaceX and Tesla, two of his other companies. The company’s “rest days” have reportedly been removed from employees’ work schedules, and Twitter’s flexible work-from-home policies are set to be phased out.

Employees have struggled to meet the onerous product upgrade deadlines imposed by Musk. On Wednesday, a picture of Twitter’s director of product management apparently snuggled up in a sleeping bag went viral.

“When your team is pushing 24/7 to meet deadlines, sometimes you are #SleepWhereYouWork,” you tweeted.

As of Friday, there were still questions as to whether a mass layoff is legal. Corresponding The New York TimesBoth California and state regulations require businesses to give notice before such events occur, but on Wednesday “the California Employment Development Agency said it had received no such notice.”

Several new employees filed a lawsuit in a San Francisco court on Thursday, alleging that Twitter may have violated labor standards and urging the company to “provide any necessary termination or severance pay related to the anticipated layoffs.”

Musk, apparently in relation to cost cutting, claims on Friday that Twitter has already experienced “a massive drop in revenue” under his ownership, which he attributes to “activist groups pressuring advertisers, although moderation of content hasn’t changed and we’ve done everything we can to mollify activists.” “.

“Extremely messed up!” he added. “They are trying to destroy freedom of speech in America.” Elon Musk called ‘enormously fucked up’ by Twitter workers during mass layoffs

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