Dying Light 2’s Bloody Ties DLC takes us to the circus this week

Techland gave us a great insight into the first part of the story DLC Dying Light 2, Bloody Tiesstarting this week.

Bloody Ties takes you to Carnage Hall, “a place of fame, fortune and power” where you will have to pass a series of trials in which you will have to face new enemies. Of course, there will also be new weapons, challenges, and locations to explore. Carnage Hall is a repurposed opera house that now serves as a battleground where humans compete against each other, not zombies.

“In its former glory, Carnage Hall was a magnificent opera building. Then it was rebuilt and turned into this elite battleground with arenas, bloody spectacles and brutal duels,” said concept artist Anna Krzemien in a deep dive about the new area on the DLC. “You can already see that the remaining parts of the interior are cleverly mixed with the rough.”

For new players or those who haven’t quite finished the game yet, Krzemien also noted that you don’t need to have played through the whole thing as long as you’ve completed The Only Way Out quest.

Narrative director Piotr Szymanek also had some “secrets” to reveal about the arena, saying: “You’re going to meet some really big personalities at Carnage Hall… one of them is Astrid, the number one post-apocalyptic performer and entertainer who believes that people need it.” Bread and games.”

In terms of the new enemies and weapons you can expect there are new mutant infected like the Gorilla Destroyer, Cataclysm and Inferno and if you are looking for defensive options there is the Carnage Manica which can be used as a power barricade.

Bloody Ties releases later this week (November 10th), and if you pre-order before launch, you’ll get the Aristocrat Pack. However, if you have the Deluxe or Ultimate edition, it’s already included. Dying Light 2’s Bloody Ties DLC takes us to the circus this week

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