Dwarf Fortress Steam Edition release date announced

One of the first mainstream indie games to be released intentionally in an unfinished, work-in-progress state, dwarven fortress now finally has an official Steam release date and is scheduled for release on December 6th RimWorldBook 12 games’ dwarven fortress is far from complete, and the developers say there’s “no end in sight,” although this hardly poses a problem for the community.


Namely the development of dwarven fortress started in earnest in 2003, before the concept of indie games was almost as mainstream as it is today. Produced entirely by Tarn and Zach Adams, dwarven fortress is a comprehensive and absolute simulation of the real world, from massive meteorological patterns to tracking the individual eyelids of the dwarves.

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Up until now, the Adams brothers had been working on it dwarven fortress without external support, which is one of the main reasons why the base version of the game uses ASCII characters instead of graphics. However, on December 6th the game will be released on Steam, with its much improved user interface and graphics one of the main reasons gamers might be interested. As pretty as it may be, avid gamers should set the right expectations for the game, because dwarven fortress is still all about losing and there are currently no real winning conditions.

While the basic version of dwarven fortress has been dubbed one of the best freeware PC games of all time, and the Steam version is said to cost $20. This will be one of the ways in which the Adams brothers will fund further production of the game, which will continue for the foreseeable future. The high end goal is for dwarven fortress to simulate the entire randomly generated universe of the dwarves, with even deeper simulation systems being released over time.

In comparison, the recent console version of RimWorld is a simpler experience, strange as that may sound. Whereas RimWorld is a complex and addicting simulation in itself, dwarven fortress goes far beyond what other video games have attempted to simulate. The game’s Steam page aptly describes it as “a new endless hobby,” and it’s sure to find a sizeable audience once it goes live on Steam.

Roughly, dwarven fortress is conceptually similar to Matt Dabrowski Streets of Rogue 2, apart from the fact that it requires meta-level management rather than direct avatar controls. The recent Streets of Rogue 2 Interview at GameRant helps paint a coherent picture of the roguelite sandbox title, and it’s likely that it will be compared too dwarven fortress once both are outside.

dwarven fortress Coming to Steam for PC on December 6th, 2022.

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