Does God of War: Ragnarok have too many graphic modes?

^ Stay tuned for Jim’s explanation of Ragnarök’s display settings and how important they are.

It’s a valid question. Last week, Santa Monica Studio released an infographic detailing the nine possible graphics modes for the highly anticipated God of War: Ragnarok. That seemed overkill to some people, given that it’s (the argument goes) a console game, so surely all those visual tweaks should be left to the developers. Shouldn’t it ultimately be up to she deciding how best to run their game on standardized hardware?

Well, that argument has merit, I suppose. Although this infographic initially looks like a table, it is just basic consumer information telling you what to expect from the product in terms of its compatibility with your setup. There’s not a single use case where all of these “nine modes” come into play (unless you work for Digital Foundry, our sister site, and it’s literally your job to compare them). If you have a base PS4 that the vast majority of the PlayStation user base is still using, then you don’t need to worry about that. Your options are start or stop. The game is essentially a PS4 title, so you won’t have a bad or limited experience: fear not, this isn’t another Cyberpunk 2077 situation. It will just work and you will have a great time.

God of War Ragnarok graphic modes

That infographic may have confused things, but most of it isn’t even relevant to the majority of gamers, even on PS5.

The PS4 Pro and PS5 give you a choice of performance and quality modes, which you should be more than used to by now if you have one of these machines. On PS5 there are modifiers to how these behave depending on your display’s capabilities and how your PS5 is set up at the system level. Simply put, if you have a VRR and/or a 120Hz panel, the Performance and Quality modes can take advantage of these.

Of particular interest to me is how to do it Quality + HFR + VRR Configuration: Spider-Man has a similar mode and it’s excellent. You wouldn’t think a 40fps cap is that much better than a 30fps cap, but it feels like a huge leap in performance. Not quite as snappy for the frame-heads out there who think 60fps is an acceptable minimum at best, but for my own purposes it’s a good compromise for getting nice smooth motion without sacrificing image quality.

Kratos and Atreus exchange a look while following Tyr in God of War Ragnarok

See, some of us just want every single silicon molecule in our technology to be strained to fully realize the boniness of Tyr’s ass.

But that’s by the way. If you don’t care about any of these things, then you absolutely don’t have to. Just press start and go! You are guaranteed a good time. It’s just nice of Santa Monica Studio to accommodate those of us who have the equipment and an annoying habit of being finicky about these things to have a preference either way.

Selection! selection is good! Does God of War: Ragnarok have too many graphic modes?

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