Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Upgrade the Royal Pickaxe

in the Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will need their royal tools to complete almost every single quest or task in the game. The Royal Pickaxe is an incredibly important of the royal tools as it allows players to mine boulders and boulders that can be found throughout the valley. Initially, this is mostly useful for collecting rocks and clearing the place, but players will quickly discover that they can be used to obtain gems, which are useful for crafting, completing quests, or the sale are required. The many uses of the Royal Pickaxe don’t end there, however, as it can be upgraded to make it even more useful.


There is two major upgrades for the royal pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and each allows to break through a new type of obstacle. In order to complete certain quests and fully explore the valley, players should have their pickaxe upgraded as soon as possible. Each upgrade comes from a specific character’s friendship quest.

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How to Break Sea Debris (Blue Rocks) at Dazzle Beach

How to Break Blue Rocks on the Beach Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui Quest

Most likely, the blue rocks at Dazzle Beach are the first obstacle players will encounter. The royal pickaxe isn’t strong enough to break it, so players need the help of a demigod. The first Pickaxe upgrade is part of the search for Moiana from her realm.

Get to the part where Maui questions the player about himself, and he’ll upgrade the pickaxe so it can break small blue rocks. To break big blue rocks at Dazzle Beach, get Maui to level 4 and complete his friendship quest titled A Tale of Stone and Fire.

How to break magic ice in Forest of Valor and Frosted Heights

Meeting Anna and Elsa in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As players continue their adventure, they will find themselves unable to break the ice with their royal pickaxe in the Forest of Valor and Frosty Heights. In order to break the small ice rocks, players must rescue Elsa and then complete their first quest in the village, appropriately titled “Breaking the Ice”. Unfortunately, the big chunks of ice will still get in the way until players get Elsa to friendship level six. Complete her level 6 quest titled “The Singing Ice” and players will receive a fully upgraded pickaxe.

Now nothing in the Vale of Power can resist the Royal Pickaxe, at least for now. Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in Early Access, so it’s possible that new content will add more breakable items that require even more pickaxe upgrades. Until then, enjoy the freedom that comes with clearing the village of sea debris and ice.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Upgrade the Royal Pickaxe

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