Daughter of Kansas woman Allison Fluke-Ekren who led ISIS battalion opens up about harrowing abuse

A Kansas woman who led an Islamic State battalion has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after her children gave harrowing victim testimonies about their experiences.

Allison Fluke-Ekren has provided military training to over 100 women and young girls in Syria on behalf of ISIS and has committed numerous other terrorist attacks, the Justice Department said in its announcement of the verdict.

The 42-year-old, also known as Umm Mohammed al-Amriki, was sentenced Tuesday in the Eastern District of Virginia. The former Kansas resident left the United States in September 2011 and went to work to be “involved in terrorist attacks in multiple countries,” including Syria, Libya and Iraq, the Justice Department said.

She “eventually served as the leader and organizer of an ISIS military battalion known as Khatiba Nusaybah, where she trained women in the use of automatic-firing AK-47 assault rifles, grenades and suicide belts,” according to the Justice Department.

In an emotional sentencing hearing, two of Fluke-Ekren’s children wrote letters detailing their abuse at the hands of Fluke-Ekren, beginning in Kansas and continuing overseas when they were minors.

“My mother would hit my body and my muscles would spasm with pain. [She] would then go to her room and masturbate about her hitting me. I could hear her from the other room,” the daughter wrote.

In his letter, her son wrote, “My mother is a monster who enjoys torturing children for sexual pleasure.”

In addition, Fluke-Ekren’s daughter issued a victim statement Tuesday detailing the “serious” abuse inflicted on her when she was a minor in Syria, including being forced to marry an ISIS fighter who then raped her when she was a child was only 13 years old.

Fluke-Ekren’s son also issued a statement describing his mother’s attempts to persuade him to leave the United States for Syria.

“You made me give up everything just so you could go on your next adventure,” he quoted as saying, according to one of his messages to his mother The Wall Street Journal.

Both the son and daughter asked the court to stop their mother from ever contacting them again. This request was granted by the judge.

Fluke-Ekren has denied the abuse allegations and while she is “shocked and saddened by these allegations,” she admits to “Witness-1 [her daughter] experienced trauma in Syria,” defense attorney Joseph King previously wrote.

“She blazed a trail of terror and plunged her own children into unfathomable depths of cruelty by physically, psychologically, emotionally and sexually abusing them,” US First Assistant Attorney Raj Parekh said last week in a sentencing note detailing the allegations children and parents revealed by Fluke-Ekren had taken action against them.

After a stint in Libya in 2011, where she and her second husband stole documents from a US compound in Benghazi and turned them over to Ansar al-Sharia’s leadership, the couple moved to Turkey and then to Syria, where Fluke-Ekren The second husband rose through the ranks of ISIS and eventually became the “Emir” (leader) of ISIS snipers in Syria.

In 2014, Fluke-Ekren bragged about her desire to launch an attack on the US. “Fluke-Ekren explained that they could go to a mall in the United States and park a vehicle full of explosives in the basement or on the level of the parking structure and detonate the explosives in the vehicle with a cell phone triggering device,” the Justice Department said .

“Fluke-Ekren said she considers any attack that doesn’t kill many people a waste of resources. Fluke-Ekren heard about external attacks taking place in countries outside the United States and commented that she wished the attack had taken place on US soil instead.” She had also discussed the possibility of using a US college campus to bomb in the Midwest.

In 2016, after moving to Mosul, Iraq, Fluke-Ekren received approval from “Wali”, the IS-appointed mayor of Raqqa, to establish a women’s center. That same year, the “Khatiba Nusaybah” was born – a military battalion made up entirely of female ISIS members. Fluke-Ekren’s main goal as the leader and organizer of the Khatiba Nusaybah Battalion was to teach female ISIS members how to defend themselves against ISIS enemies, including assisting male fighters in defending ISIS-controlled Raqqa.

Training covered the use of weapons, including automatic-firing AK-47 assault rifles, grenades and explosive belts, but the battalion also provided physical training instruction to certain members, including martial arts, medical training, VBIED driving courses, ISIS religion classes and how to Pack and prepare a “go bag” of rifles and other military supplies. Daughter of Kansas woman Allison Fluke-Ekren who led ISIS battalion opens up about harrowing abuse

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