Datamine suggests that Redfall might get a beta

A datamine suggests that Arkane Studios’ upcoming co-op FPS redfall might get a beta, although if true, there’s no indication when that might be. Arkane is known for death loop and the dishonored series, as well as the reboot of prey, with the developer’s previous releases generally being well received, often earning praise for their non-linear world exploration. Its inbound shooter seems like a slight departure from the usual stealth antics the studio has become synonymous with, but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t excited.


A new trailer for redfall recently started doing the rounds teasing some more of the title. In the game, players team up with others to take on a horde of vampires at night. It’s set in the titular city of Redfall, and it sounds like the forthcoming release will aim more towards that left 4 Dead or Previous 4 blood Mood, only with bloodsuckers instead of brain eaters. While there’s no official release date yet, chances are there’s something on the horizon for fans.

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A Reddit user, going from DeoGame, shared a link revealing the possibility that redfall maybe get a beta. This rumor has been brought to the fore thanks to a data mining of the Bethesda EULA or End User License Agreement. While there’s plenty of information about signing up for a beta, the game isn’t explicitly mentioned anywhere, so it’s best to hesitate on the details. However, the Game Awards aren’t far away and will take place on December 8th, so it’s possible that Arkane will announce something then.

As mentioned above, it is unknown when the game will actually be released. says microsoft redfall will come before starfield, both of which are published by Bethesda. At the moment, these two games are expected to launch sometime in 2023, possibly still in the first half. But at the time of writing, neither party has revealed any further official details.

It was unfortunate that Bethesda had to delay both starfield and redfall earlier this year. They were set to release sometime in 2022, but a message from the studio said it wanted to hold the games back to give them extra sparkle. Hopefully it’s worth the longer wait. The followers for redfall definitely whet your appetite, and yet it’s something different dishonored and preythe game is still evolving into an exciting cooperative vampire slaying title.

redfall Releases in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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