Call of Duty player complains about his Modern Warfare 2 ban… in person at the Activision studio

One player took their frustration too far with a Modern Warfare 2 ban this week. First reported by the folks at PCGamer, this gamer made his way to the Activision studio in Austin, Texas, hoping to speak to a real employee personally about his issue.

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It doesn’t take any brain gymnastics to figure out how it all went, either. In a post on the r/Activision subreddit, which has since been deleted, the player shared that he was banned from Modern Warfare 2 on October 28th.

They challenged their ban and it was denied. Most people might leave it there and accept the fate of playing on a friend’s console in the meantime and whatnot, but this Redditor – u/PlumContent – had a different idea. Instead, the Call of Duty fan created a new Activision account with a new email address, repurchased the game on Steam, and tried playing the game again.

Unfortunately the player was banned again on October 29th. As a result, he took steps no gamer should ever do and decided to head to Activision’s Texas office on October 31st. “I was met by a security guard in the Activision parking lot who told me there was no one I could speak to,” shared u/PlumContent.

“After politely asking the guard to go to the office and explain the situation to an employee, the guard agreed to speak to a worker. The security guard came back to me in the parking lot and told me the staff member said they were understaffed and it would take a few weeks to fix the illegal bans.”

The user then shared his frustration at spending so much money on a game he can’t play, after which the security guard apparently told them not to fret over a video game. While I can understand this person’s frustration, and while illegal bans have been a constant issue in Modern Warfare 2, I think most of us can agree that going into the offices of the developer is coming. In fact, it seems rather threatening and doesn’t help anyone involved.

Either way, unfortunately u/PlumContent will have to wait. It sucks, a lot, but if this is legit it means Activision is actively trying to fix those bans. At least that’s good news. Call of Duty player complains about his Modern Warfare 2 ban… in person at the Activision studio

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