Bungie wants Destiny 2 PS5 players to know that they may be playing the wrong version

In a recent blog post by Bungieit has come to light that a “remarkable” number of destiny 2 PS5 players are not actually playing the correct version of the game.

In 2020, Destiny 2 players were treated to a next-gen port of the game that didn’t add anything new, but brought the game to higher resolution, 60 frames per second, and fast load times. This was something that both PS5 and Xbox Series X players could upgrade to if they were lucky enough to own a console at the time. With the exception of the latest blog post, This Week at Bungie, the developer is giving PS5 players an indication that a non-zero number of players are playing the PS4 version of the game (thanks, Kotaku).

See, the thing about PS5 backwards compatibility is that Sony has done it in a way that’s not quite as clear. Suppose you buy a game that is available for both PS4 and PS5 via PlayStation Network. You can actually download the PS4 version of the game to your PS5 if you wish, and it seems like many Destiny 2 players did so by mistake.

“Cheer up PlayStation Guardians,” Bungie wrote in the blog post. “We’ve noticed a notable number of PS5 players playing the PS4 version of Destiny 2 on their current-gen consoles.” To help PS5 players, Bungie even linked a resource PlayStation needs to complete the upgrade of your game, which honestly should only be automatic.

This issue hasn’t happened on Xbox because if you’re on a Series X you just download the Series X version of the game, but Sony has never made it easy with backwards compatibility.

Bungie hasn’t noted how many players are actually “notable,” but it’s clearly big enough that it deserves a little news. If you belong to this group, maybe give them an upgrade to improve your Destiny 2 experience.

Destiny 2 fans have plenty to look forward to as well, as revealed in its big showcase back in August. Bungie wants Destiny 2 PS5 players to know that they may be playing the wrong version

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