Bocchi The ROCK! Promotional videos released before the album

Great news for them Bocchi The ROCK! Anime series currently airing this fall season as three promotional videos for the series were released last weekend through the official website and social media channels in anticipation of the accompanying album which will be released on December 28th. The forthcoming album entitled “Kessoku Band‘ will be released alongside a Blu-Ray disc containing the series’ opening and ending themes, ‘Seishun Complex’, written by Ai Higuchi and composed by Otoha, and ‘Distortion’, written by KANA-BOON’s Maguro Taniguchi.


The three videos released in anticipation of the Kessoku Band album were the lyric video; the band’s performance of the new song in episode 5 of Bocchi The ROCK!, as well as a brand new promotional video for the anime adaptation of the original manga of the same name, created by Aki Hamaji. The Kessoku Band will show that Bocchi the ROCK! anime opening and ending themes; the new song entitled “Guitar to Kodoku to Aoi Wakusei” (guitar, loneliness and the blue planet), and 14 other titles.

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The promotional videos released include a lyric video for the band’s latest performance in the anime; a song that was the collaborative work of ZAQ by Anison, with an arrangement by Akkin and a composition by Otoha; a new promotional video for the anime, and the song as first performed by the Kessoku Band in the anime. Guitar, loneliness and the blue planet was released on streaming platforms on November 5th.

That Bocchi The ROCK! Anime series is a production of studio CloverWorks, which is also responsible for the production of the currently airing series Spy x family part 2. direction for Bocchi The ROCK! is by Keiichirō Saitō, who did storyboards and key animations for sonny boyassisted by Yūsuke Yamamoto, the director of Sergeant Frog. Character designs are by Kerorira, who was animation director on the production of Wonder Egg prioritywhile art direction and music in Bocchi The ROCK! are by Yasunao Moriyasu and Tomoki Kikuya respectively.

Bocchi The ROCK! follows an introverted girl named Hitori who has dreamed of being part of a band since middle school because she believes that even a shy and introverted person like herself can shine that way. Although she wants to start a band, she has a hard time making friends and ended up practicing her guitar playing for hours. Now in high school, Hitori has become an incredibly gifted guitarist and uploads videos of her playing to the internet under the nickname “Guitar Hero”.

Despite all of this, Hitori’s inability to make friends continues to stand in the way of her ambition; at least until she meets Nijika Ijichi, who recruits her to join the Kessoku Band, a rock band in which she is the drummer. After meeting Nijika, the once-closed Hitori slowly begins to emerge from her shell. New episodes of Bocchi The ROCK! are released on Saturdays and the series is available to stream on Crunchyroll. The upcoming Bocchi The ROCK! binding album, Kessoku Bandwill be released on December 28th.

Source: Crunchyroll

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