Big Mouth: Connie’s best quotes

Big mouth is an adult animated comedy show on Netflix that explores the challenges and hardships that pre-teens go through when they reach that particular age. Raw comedy, explicit language, and side-splitting dilemmas are at the heart of the show, and it has left fans completely blown away with every episode. Big mouth recently released its sixth season, bringing a whole new wave of sexually frustrated fury to the animation market as the entire cast goes through family troubles, relationship drama, and cosmic consequences.

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Even hormone-monster Connie has some trouble as Maury’s pregnancy quickly nears its peak. Connie is one of the most popular characters in Big mouth and has more than a few snappy lines that make it memorable.


7/7 Season 1: The Head Push – “The hormones in the house are turning into banana cream pudding!”

Season 1 of Big mouth caused a stir in many ways. In some aspects, the animated explicit ball pit jump polarized many viewers. However, as the season progressed, fans caught up with the cast and clung to their favorites.

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In the “Head Push” episode, Nick throws a party for popular kids, and things quickly go awry when half the house gets drunk on one of Jay’s concoctions, even Connie. After a fight with Maury, Connie drowns her sorrow in a few cups of courage and begins to break away with the others. Then, with a sizzling yell, she lets out this masterful phrase that perfectly encompasses the entire episode.

6/7 Season 3: Rankings – “Quickly stop your bra with bacon, boys love bacon.”

Season 3 of Big mouth returns with a laundry list of new issues as the boys and girls explore their more toxic side fresh from Valentine’s Day. To further stir the pot, a new student named Ali, who happens to be pansexual, joins the group. The whole school talks about her arrival while also celebrating the “wedding” of the school’s best couple, Devin and Devon.

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At Devon’s bachelorette party, a list is made of all the girls in the school, and while Jessie is put off by the act, she is frustrated to learn she’s not going to be there. As Jessie’s reputation plummets, Connie panics and spits out one last idea to boost her rise.

5/7 Season 1: Every Body Bleeds – “The French are full of shit and your mother is a woman in decline, you’re on the rise.”

In Season 1, Episode 2 of Big mouth, Jessie begins her journey to learn how to take in all the feelings that accumulate after her kiss with Nick and her body giving her gifts she didn’t ask for. Just as Jessie is at her wits end, Connie takes the stage for the first time on the show. Connie’s performance is a masterpiece as it encompasses everything a hormone monster should be, confident, cool and sexually charged.

Jessie is thrilled to learn that she is no longer alone, and Connie sets out headlong to guide Jessie down the rocky path of feelings and maturity. As Jessie comments on how her mother and the Statue of Liberty have given her a lot of weight in terms of womanhood, Connie jumps in with this brilliant one-liner.

4/7 Season 2: – “You’re going to be one of those weak women who go after bad boys with dumb brains and trash d****!”

Season 2 of Big mouth begins with Jessie and Jay on the street, escaping their home and their problems. Allowing the other to disown each other, the dynamic duo decide to keep each other company in their new lives. Unfortunately, although the love interest between Jay and Jessie buds, it is doomed to fail as both have unresolved complexes such as Jessie’s family issue and Jay being Jay.

When the lovebirds end up in a motel, they try to get intimate but fail when Jessie and Jay become insecure and hostile. Jessie retreats to the bathroom with Connie, where they both begin to cry. Jessie reconsiders her choices and why she was interested in Jay in the first place. Rather than comfort Jessie, Connie adds to her dismay and blurts out a preview of things to come.

3/7 Season 2: The Shame Wizard – Your friends suck, your family sucks, this pharmacy sucks. You know what doesn’t suck? That lip gloss.”

Big mouth continues when a new player joins the story in the form of the Shame Wizard, aka Lionel, who plays a bigger role in the story human resources spin off. The Shame Wizard appears after Andrew is put in a compromising position by Nick’s sister, leaving both of them traumatized.

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Jessie isn’t having a good time either, when her emotions force her to make reckless decisions. While trying to escape from her mother, her friends and her life at large, she wanders into a supermarket and gives Connie vent. In the heat of all the fear, Connie blatantly lays out her dirty laundry, but reminds her that even if she feels awful, she can still look pretty.

2/7 Season 4: The New Me – “I hate that you like this, but it’s the only way to take my skis off”

Season 4 of Big mouth begins with every child’s favorite pastime, summer camp. Nick is excited to revisit the one place that made him feel on top of the world and reconnect with his old friend Seth. However, a wrench comes into play when Andrew spontaneously hooks up and joins Nick at camp. To make matters worse, Andrew takes Nick’s place and even becomes Seth’s new best friend.

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Nick lashes out at Andrew and Seth in a fit of jealousy and anger, which they coldly disregard and make fun of, pushing him even further over the edge. During this time, Connie serves as Nick’s new hormone monster and has a more challenging time than planned. When she walks in to see Nick running away from Seth and Andrew while Maurey yells and abuses him, Connie steps in and gives Maury her opinion and skis.

1/7 Season 1: Everyone Bleeds – “Because I don’t use deodorant and only take bubble baths.”

Connie is one of the best characters in Big mouthand her first appearance is a legendary moment on the show, say the least. When Jessie has nowhere to turn and is overcome by her misery, Connie breaks out of the shadows and becomes her hormone monstress. Jessie is amazed at how fabulous Connie is. Her style, confidence and smell create a comfortable feeling and Jessie calms down.

Connie explains that she is here to guide Jessie and make her feel better. The two share a hug and Jessie asks why she smells so good. Connie responds with her most memorable quote yet, voicing “bubble bath” as only she can.

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