Best equipment for Ryuji, also known as Skull

From the available party members in Persona 5 Royal, Ryuji (aka “Skull”) is one of the earliest additions to the team and is an excellent damage dealer. His Persona, Captain Kidd, wields a mix of highly damaging physical attacks and useful electrical magic, and provides access to the attack-boosting Tarukaja and Matarukaja.

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Ryuji is a valuable member of the team during the early game Persona 5 Royal and retains its usefulness into the late game when facing opponents who are unable to resist physical and/or lightning damage. He also has decent defense stats and HP, which contributes to his survivability in battle, although his weakness to wind can be problematic against certain opponents.


Best weapons for skulls

Judge Mace

The Judge Mace is an awesome early upgrade for Ryuji that can be found while exploring Kamoshida’s Palace and will continue to be useful until Untouchable starts stockpiling new gear during the Madarame arc. Aside from having better stats than any other available weapon available in the game at this point, it also has a low chance of inflicting confusion on an enemy hit with it. It is located in Old Castle 2F, East Building 3F, in a chest.

Mjolnir/Captive Mjolnir

One of Ryuji’s most powerful weapon options, Mjolnir is an enormously powerful hammer ironically created by electrocuting Thor. It has 280 Attack and 88 Accuracy, while also boosting the power of Ryuji’s Electric attacks, making it an excellent choice for players looking to improve the effectiveness of its magic.

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Choosing to execute Thor during a Fusion Alert will instead spawn the trapped Mjolnir, which is Ryuji’s most powerful weapon available in terms of raw data. With 324 Attack and 88 Accuracy while retaining the original Mjolnir’s Electric Magic Boost, this is a fantastic choice to boost Ryuji’s damage potential. Thor is a level 64 Chariot Persona.

Ruyi Jingu Bang/Fine Ruyi Jingu Bang

An alternative weapon for Ryuji with a lot of power is the Ruyi Jingu Bang. Created by the execution of Hanuman via the Electric Chair, this powerful weapon has 270 Attack and 88 Accuracy. It also applies Tarukaja to Ryuji at the start of battle, increasing his attack power and saving the turn required to manually apply it before attacking.

Executing Hanuman via the electric chair during a Fusion Alert creates the subtle Ruyi Jingu Bang instead. This has 290 Attack and 88 Accuracy while retaining the auto-Tarukaja effect of the original.

Players who don’t want to spend time acquiring and executing Thor for Mjolnir, or who would rather enhance Ryuji’s power without having to buff him for a turn, will find this weapon very useful. Hanuman is a Strength 64 personality that can be encountered as a shadow in Shido’s palace.

Pumpkin Bomb/Pumpkin Buster (electric chair variant: Jack O’Lantern)

A good weapon to give to Ryuji once the Electric Chair is unlocked in the Velvet Room is the Pumpkin Bomb. This is a shotgun that has a medium chance to cause burns while also having 150 Attack and 85 Accuracy. This makes it very versatile and can also use the burn effect to build up technical attacks paired with wind attacks from Joker or Mona. To get this weapon, simply execute Jack O’Lantern with the Electric Chair.

If you wait for a fusion alert before doing the itemization, the Pumpkin Buster will be produced instead, an even more powerful variant with 160 attack and a high chance of inflicting burns, making it all the more effective in combat.

Megido Fire/Megido Buster

The ultimate shotguns in the game are Megido Fire and Megido Buster. To get hold of Megido Fire, players must electrocute Shiva, and it has 350 Attack, 85 Accuracy, and a high chance of inflicting Burns. This allows for the same effectiveness and versatility as the previously mentioned Pumpkin weapons, but with far greater power.

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Executing Shiva during a Fusion Alert instead spawns the Megido Buster, which has 380 Attack but otherwise functions identically to the Megido Fire. Shiva is a powerful level 82 Judgment Persona.

Best Armor for the Skull

Disgraced Haori

The Dishonored Haori is a useful choice to play up Skull’s excellent natural defenses. He has 140 Defense and 8 Evasion while increasing Stamina by 5. It can be acquired by washing the Sooty Man’s armor at the Laundromat. The Sooty Man’s armor can be found in treasure chests in the Path of Kaitul section of Mementos, which opens after the Kaneshiro arc has ended. It can also be obtained as a drop from Take Minakata or as a reward for successfully negotiating with them.

Happy underwear

The Lucky Underwear is a very good armor option for Skull to acquire during the Third Term content added by Royal. It has 330 Defense and 15 Dodge, and increases the wearer’s HP by 50. It can be purchased by washing Sootbolt Armor at the Laundromat. Sootbolt armor can be found in treasure chests in the Path of Da’at section of Mementos, which becomes available during the third term, or through successful negotiations with Thor.

Tantric Oath/Tantric Oath R

One of the best armor pieces in the game, the Tantric Oath is only obtainable when Satan is electrocuted. It has 325 defense, 18 dodge, and an effect that reduces all magic damage by a large amount. This makes it a perfect choice for all male characters in the game.

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The Tantric Oath R is the best armor piece in the game and is acquired by electrocuting Satan during a Fusion Alert. This has 350 Defense and otherwise identical stats to the original Tantric Oath.

Best accessories for skulls

Ring of Vitality/Captain’s Badge

The Ring of Vitality and the Captain’s Badge both serve the same purpose and grant life boosts to the equipped character. This increases their HP by 30% and makes characters like Ryuji even more resilient. The Captain’s Badge is obtained by completing all Big Bang Burger challenges, while the Ring of Vitality can be purchased at 37 degrees Celsius at Shibuya Underground Mall for 60,000.

champion cup

The Champion’s Cup is obtained after collecting all of Kamoshida’s Will Seeds and completing his palace. It allows the equipped character to use a skill that provides a decent chunk of healing while also applying Tarukaja to the entire party. This is a useful ability for a character strong enough to survive even really nasty hits and then heal/buff the party in one turn, so Ryuji makes great use of this accessory.

Divine Pillar

The Divine Pillar is a very difficult item to acquire as it is a rare drop from the formidable Reaper found in Mementos. This bonus boss isn’t an easy opponent, but players who know it best can acquire the Divine Pillar, which halves all damage taken when it removes the equipped character’s dodge ability. For a character as naturally toned as Skull, this is a fantastic accessory option.

Persona 5 Royal is available for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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