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in the judgement‘s In the main game, Yagami occasionally breaks out his drone to perform recon, find crafting items or 2D codes to gain new moves. But that’s not all he can do with it. Later he will meet a man who will introduce him drone race. Just go to the booth in the Millennium Tower and Yagami can either compete against online players in single races or compete in the Grand Prix with his drone.

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Players must complete the different leagues to unlock new parts, earn SP, complete KamuroGo goals and get the final Dice N’Cube free pass coupon. But certain drone builds work better than others for some Grand Prix leagues. Here are some suggestions to move forward judgement‘s drone race.

Beginner League

Judgment Drone Racing - Beginner League Racing Booth

The player does not have many options to pimp his drone at the beginning. Not that the Beginner League is particularly difficult. Only the basic equipment of the drone is quite sluggish compared to the competition. If players want to add some momentum to their stride, they should hold out until Chapter 6, where they unlock the quickstarter.

You can finance it here Super S engine and the Low cost turbo parts. The former gives them 24 points in Speed, and the latter increases their turbo to 45 points, which is higher than anything but regular league. Equipping these two items still leaves enough room for players to place them SMZ S propeller on for that extra speed boost.

amateur league

Judgment Drone Racing- Amateur League 2D Codes

Once players beat the Beginner League, a man named Sebastian Hutton offers them a challenge: if they find his 2D codes hidden around town, he’ll give them a new drone part. There are 10 codes for each part and 50 in total. Players should get all codes to befriend him, but they should prioritize engine codes to get them Modified Thunder God engine (MTG engine).

However, you also need blueprints from Onodera in the Sewers (which cost SP instead of cash) and 100,000 yen to evolve it. While it’s a steep price, it’s worth it for that 50-point speed stat. It’ll be too much for the old frame, so take that Mako mod frame (any color goes) for twice the cost limit. Then there’s room for them SMZ: S3 propeller to. keep that Low cost turbo to. His perks will take players all the way to the Champion League.

Regular League

Judgment Drone Racing – Regular League Drone Racing

Likewise, the players do not have to change them MTG engine for everything else. Both it and them Low cost turbo will keep them in good condition. But at this point they need an electronic speed control (ESC). As luck would have it, Quickstarter will have that Low cost ESC available for financing. Get it for even 11 points in Speed, Handling and Turbo.

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Turn off the Mako Mod Frame for the S-ONE frame (any color), and there will be space to replace the SMZ:S3 propeller with the Mako Mod’s S2 propellers, which adds 14 points to speed and 15 points to handling. The former is more compelling than the latter, but it could be the difference between reaching the finish line and rebounding in a broken pipeline course chaos.

Expert League

Judgment Drone Racing - Expert League Racing Course

If players want Yagami to come out on top, they should keep that MTG engine, Low cost turbo and Low cost ESC. They should keep the player ahead of the competition in this race. But the Hyperpropeller S will give them more juice to stay in first place with 20 points in speed and 19 in handling.

That exceeds the cost of the S-ONE frame. So replace it with the Mako Mods aluminum frame (any color). Aside from offering a cost cap of 200 points, it’s also more durable at 160 points. That should be enough to keep players in the game if they’re struggling with the indoor portions of the courses. However, practice makes perfect and can help impress the ladies when they choose drone racing as their date activity.

Champions League

Judging Drone Racing - Champion League Yagami Cheer

The Champions League is the final Grand Prix race and it’s the toughest. It cycles through every course, both forward and backward. While the competition is much more challenging, either keep the player busy or go right past them. If they don’t get their A-game, Yagami will be stuck at Bronze at best, which won’t get them the best prizes.

The most recommended build is to use the MTG engine and the Low cost turbo. Then with the S-ONE Adamant frame (any color) for the 250 cost limit and the S-ONE: S3 propeller, as it has the best speed stats at 25 points. Likewise the Speed ​​of Light ESC will add another 25 points to speed but only 5 to handling and none to turbo.

alternate parts

Judgment Drone Racing Alternate Builds

Most of these parts should accompany players to the end of most Grand Prix races. However, if they’re still having trouble, they might find room for some other parts that might make things easier. That Modified Akashic ESC, which requires 2D code and blueprints from Onodera, gives the player a steady 20 points in all stats, but costs 100 points to equip. There are also many other Turbo items such as: Modified God Speed ​​​​Turbo from the 2D-Code+Onodera combination.

But their cost doesn’t leave enough room for other items like the propellers and motors that are better at maintaining the drone’s overall speed. That SMZ: wagon frame apparently fixes this issue with their 300 point cost limit. But they’re also the least durable frames in the game, at just 50 points. If the player hasn’t mastered the layout of each course, the 2D code hunt requirement, Onodera’s blueprints, and the 100,000 yen cost may not be worth the effort.

judgement Can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna and PC.

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