Battlefield 2042 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via EA Access in Season 3

Season 3 of Battlefield 2042 is just weeks away and the game will be available from launch for EA Access subscribers on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Season 3 comes with a new Assault Specialist, Battle Pass, new hardware, a new event, experiences, and more with Battlefield Portal, along with more improvements, fixes, and quality of life improvements with each update.

Battlefield 2042 | Development Update – Revisions to maps and specialists, vault weapons, and more

Manifest and Breakaway reworks are on the way, along with the return of classes.

In addition to the A-91 from Battlefield 3, the new vault weapons also include the XM8 from Bad Company 2 for the LMG pool. More vault weapons will appear in further updates throughout the season.

The Specialist revamp will arrive in early 2023 alongside Update 3.2, so in the later half of Season 3. With the reintroduction of classes into the game, Specialists will have defined roles that will give them access to a special set of gadgets and gear that best suited to their purpose on the battlefield.

These changes have been “extensively” tested by both players and DICE.

You can also expect the following weapon skills that DICE has so far: Assault – Assault Rifle skills; Assault rifles prime faster after sprinting; Engineer – Supply Competence; Utility weapons have improved reload abilities; Support – LMG knowledge; LMGs have extra magazines and are more efficient when using bipods. and Recon – Sniper Rifle Skills.

The team also brought Irish into the support role, with Crawford coming in as an engineer. Irish will therefore take Crawford’s current trait and revive downed teammates with additional gadget ammo, and a new trait will be developed for Crawford that will allow him to better specialize as an Engineer.

DICE is also investigating how Rao fits into the new system, and is working on improved team and squad communications around this Specialist so that he will function as a “strong asset” within the Recon class.

Manifest will be overhauled with Update 3.1 and Breakaway will be overhauled in early 2023 with Update 3.2.

Work on map improvements will continue over the next year, and the studio has already started pre-production on all new content that will be released after Season 4.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already gotten your boots dirty playing the game, December’s free access periods are available across all platforms.

Steam and Xbox users can try the limited trial from December 1st to 5th and December 1st to 4th respectively. PlayStation users can join the trial from December 16th to 23rd. Battlefield 2042 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via EA Access in Season 3

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