Battalion of Russian conscripts destroyed in Luhansk Oblast, killing hundreds

A battalion of Russian conscripts from Voronezh Oblast (Russia) was destroyed near the village of Makiyivka in Svatove District of Luhansk Oblast by a Ukrainian strike. Hundreds of Russian occupiers were killed.

Source: Russian news agency Verstka citing the surviving Russian soldiers and relatives of the conscripts

Details: One of the survivors, Russian soldier Aleksey Agafonov, told Verstka about casualties among conscripts as a result of a Ukrainian attack on the Makiivka contact line in the Luhansk region. According to the soldier, the number of occupiers killed could exceed 500.

According to Agafonov, the commander of the battalion of conscripts trained in military unit 2079 had promised to take the soldiers to Svatove, where they would join the “territorial defense” 15 kilometers from the front line. However, on the night of November 2, the entire battalion was brought to the line of contact and ordered to entrench and hold the defensive line.

Quote from Agafonov: “We were thrown into the forest and ordered to entrench ourselves; we only had three vanes for the battalion and there was no support at all. We entrenched ourselves as best we could, and in the morning they [Ukrainian] attack launched. [Ukrainian forces used] artillery, grade MLRS, mortars and helicopters; we just got shot.

When it all started, the officers immediately ran away. Between the attacks we tried to entrench ourselves, but the copters spotted us immediately and just started shooting at us. Of 570 people, 29 survived, 12 others were wounded and the rest are dead”.

More details: Agafonov added that before this incident at least one other battalion of conscripts was destroyed at the same position.

“There’s a nice picture there [Russian] TV, but actually here in Luhansk Oblast it is the conscripts who are sent to the front. We didn’t see any officers fleeing; As we retreated, we saw that only contract soldiers and volunteers were in the third line, and conscripts were right up front,” he said.

According to Agafonov, conscripts from all over Russia are brought to the Svatove area to fill the gaps in the defense. In Svatove, where the survivors of Agafonov’s battalion retreated after the Ukrainian attack, there are “groups of 2-5 people” from other destroyed battalions just “wandering around”. He explained that the Ukrainian armed forces cleared the entire area where the conscripts were fighting.

Zlata, the wife of another conscript, told Verstka about the hundreds of soldiers killed. “More than half, of course [conscripts] died,” she said, citing her husband.

The information gathered by Verstka was also confirmed by Lyudmila Chernykh, the wife of another conscript who managed to survive.

“He [my husband] called me in the morning from someone else’s number and told me what happened that they had to dig the line of defense, came under mortar fire and somehow managed to get from Krasnodon to Svatove, where they hid. They are now afraid to go anywhere, they are even afraid to go to the checkpoints. Their commanders left them and they don’t know what to do, they just call for help,” Chernykh said.

On November 5, the relatives of several conscripts who had come under fire protested near the Voronezh Prosecutor’s Office building, demanding to know the truth about the fate of their family members.

“She [authorities] tell us that our sons are alive and well and even performing their military duties. How the hell can they be alive and well when they were all killed there?” asked Oksana Kholodova, mother of soldier Andrey Kholodov.

Anna, the wife of another conscript, told Verstka that the surviving conscripts are asking to be sent home. “They will be bombed there. No officers, nobody’s there… They were left like kittens, with no training or anything. And my husband and I have a daughter, she’s only 18 months old,” said Anna.

In addition, those present at the Voronezh Prosecutor’s Office recorded a video message to the governor asking for help.

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