All Personas From The Priestess Arcana, Ranked (And Their Cheapest Fusion Recipes)

As with all Major Arcana depicted in it Persona 5 Royal, the Priestess Arcana is based on the tarot card of the same name and shares similar characteristics. When reading a tarot card, the Priestess drawing can be a representation of secret information, untapped potential, patience and innate wisdom.

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Personas of this arcana often have the image of an elderly woman in sacred robes and are always female figures with an association with magic or knowledge, such as witches, spirits, or even goddesses from the many religions and real-world cultures. Many of these Personas have great support and healing abilities, making them very useful when Joker’s party needs a little extra longevity.

Updated November 4, 2022 by Ritwik Mitra:Persona 5 Royal has finally released on all modern consoles, which means more and more people can finally experience for themselves why this game was such a huge phenomenon in its own right. This title offers an incredible story wrapped in a beautiful package, while its frenetic combats are also very engrossing. Of course, it would be impossible to talk about Persona 5 Royal without talking about the many Personas that Joker can add to his arsenal.

Priestess Arcana Personas are pretty good at both dealing damage and healing the party when needed. It helps that one of the best characters in the game, Makoto, also uses a number of Personas from the same arcana. Here are all of the personas from this arcana, ordered by power, with a special mention for the Student Council President.


10/10 Makoto’s Personas

Makoto Niijima is one of the best party members in the game, with her unique persona making her unforgettable indeed. It helps that the relationship she shares with her sister Sae makes her an even more compelling character, especially when the Phantom Thieves decide to make this prosecutor change her mind after she strays during their investigation.

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Makoto progresses through three personas over the course of the game, with subsequent developments being fairly dependent on how many times the player has interacted with her individual 5.


The first persona Makoto reveals is definitely one of the most iconic personas in the entire series. The typically reserved student council president unveils a persona in the shape of a bicycle to show his longest-suppressed rebellious side. This Persona’s nuclear powers coupled with its healing and defensive potential make Johanna a pretty awesome Persona indeed.


After leveling Makoto’s familiar to the max, she undergoes a change of heart and strengthens her resolve. This leads to the rise of Anat, a humanoid version of Johanna. This upgraded version of her Persona completely blocks all Nuke damage and is also quite resistant to Curse.


Persona 5 Royal added an additional Awakened Persona for each main party member that could be triggered in the final semester as long as each familiar was at level 10. Makoto is no exception to this rule, as players can unlock the third version of their Persona. Agnes after spending time with her. This Persona gains the Checkmate ability, reducing all stats on all enemies for three turns. The fact that it uses a motorcycle design is also a plus.

personal name Cheapest fusion recipe money required
Silky Agathion and jack-o’-lantern ¥5,275
Apsaras Obariyon and Bicorn ¥7,966
Koh-I-Noor N / A N / A
isis Jack Frost and Kodama ¥13,600
Kikuri Hime Lamia and Take Minakata ¥47,350
Saraswati Kumbhanda and Legion ¥100,990
Skadi Garuda and Rangda ¥152,110
Scathach Okuninushi and Barong ¥169,390
Cybele Alilat and Macabre ¥344,728

9/10 Silky

This not-so-spooky spirit is known for being a friendly fairy to support one’s household, unlike many in European folklore who simply want to wreak havoc. The only ones Silky has to fear are lazy servants, who slack off as she finds this offensive and terrorizes those with such lazy behavior.

At level 6, she is the weakest of the Personas in the Priestess Arcana, but can still offer healing abilities and status ailment removal. It can be fused from Agathion and Jack-o’-Lantern for 5,275 yen.

8/10 Apsaras

Apsaras is a celestial dancer often associated with soothing and rhythmic movements meant to soothe the spirits of fallen and deities alike. As such, they perform similar feats in P5R by possessing many abilities that create shields that protect allies from Ice, Electric, and Wind damage.

She is a level 11 persona that can be fused by combining Obariyon and Bicorn for the low price of ¥7,966.

7/10 Koh-I-Noor

Like all treasure demons you can encounter, Koh-i-Noor has some unique traits that can make it very handy to have in your party. Although it has no offensive abilities, all of its innate double dodge abilities are against every kind of damage type in play (except for the Almighty element).

Like its kin, this level 25 person cannot be merged with others and must be found while wandering Mementos or in a Palace.

6/10 isis

Famed for being one of the most well-known Egyptian goddesses, Isis is known as a deity who oversees nature and magic, as well as a protector and comforter of the dead. To be so closely connected to the deceased, her Persona 5 Royal Incarnation has appropriate abilities related to death.

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Many of her abilities revolve around Bless-type instant death attacks, and she even has a passive that increases the chances of success for those deadly moves. At level 26, she is one of the earliest attainable personalities with such abilities in fast deadly attacks. It can be fused by Jack Frost and Kodama for ¥13,600.

5/10 Kikuri Hime

In addition to being a goddess of life in Japanese mythology, Kikuri-Hime is also considered a deity ruling over matchmaking and relationships. This makes her appearance in the game feel very right as she has abilities designed to ease a party member’s confusion, despair or anger.

Her trait, Relief Bloodline, increases the efficiency of her support abilities by reducing her SP cost by a generous 50%. This level 40 Persona can be polymerized by Lamia and Take-Minakata for ¥47,350.

4/10 Saraswati

Along with Lakshmi and Parvati, Sarasvati is one of the three most powerful female deities forming the trifecta of goddesses in Hindu mythology known as the Tridevi. She is a promoter of creativity and deep thinking, leading artists, poets, and scientists alike to adore her.

She possesses the immensely useful Diarahan ability, which fully restores a single ally’s health, making her a great person to have in Joker’s party no matter the situation. While there are cheaper fusions for this level 50 goddess, the cheapest fusion she is guaranteed to spawn is the one that combines Kumbhanda and Legion for ¥100,990.

3/10 Skadi

This ancient being is the embodiment of winter and as such is extremely relevant to Norse peoples who inhabit lands that can become bitterly cold. Accordingly, one of her most notable abilities is in Persona 5 Royal is one that deals heavy ice damage to all enemies at once, which also has low chances of freezing them in their tracks.

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She also has a rare omnipotent ability that allows her to drain valuable SP from a single target, which can come in handy when the player is in one of the larger palaces. Level 53 Skadi can be summoned by fusing Garuda and Rangda for ¥152,110.

2/10 Scathach

A powerful figure in European mythology said to have been the mentor of legendary warrior Cu Chulainn, plus much more. Her lore is in some respects linked to that of the Norse giantess Skadi, although even modern scholars have found it difficult to pinpoint the origin of this connection.

At level 77, Scathach is one of the most powerful personalities in the Priestess Arcana, proving it with her heavily damaging Vorpal Blade skill, which destroys the entire enemy group with a single swipe. It can be merged from Okuninushi and Barong for ¥169,390.

1/10 Cybele

This goddess from Greek mythology is known as the protector of cities, although she is also associated with wildlife and plants. Cybele is the strongest person in the Priestess Arcana at level 83, and has some of the best support and healing abilities in the entire game, including Redemption, which fully heals the entire party and removes all non-special status ailments from her.

In order to win her over, players must first maximize their social connection with Makoto Niijima, the familiar of this arcana. After that, they can summon Cybele using a large number of fusion recipes, although the cheapest is the one that fuses Alilat and Macabre for 344,728 yen.

Persona 5 Royal is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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