AI creates Pokémon based on each US state

An enthusiastic one Pokemon A fan on TikTok decided to enter all 50 US states into an artificial intelligence (AI) Pokemon creator and shared the incredible results online. With over 800 different types of Pokémon to be found throughout Pokemon Franchises can find it difficult to find a truly unique design. The forthcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Bring home the 9th generation of Pokémon, many of which are yet to be revealed.

In recent years, artists have used AI to help create amazing works of art. The processing power of computers has finally reached a point where what used to be found only in sci-fi novels can now be used to create, say, a Pokemon representing Vermont. Exactly what each state’s AI network uses is unknown, as some generated Pokémon resemble landmarks, while others are versions of common animals. Miscellaneous Pokemon Fans also used an AI network to predict that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Developments.


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Pen Paladin shared some videos on his TikTok channel highlighting the AI-generated Pokémon. Some results, such as B. Texas, which looks like a bull, or Pennsylvania, which resembles the Liberty Bell, accurately reflect the state. Other results, like the masked Rock-type Pokémon representing Nevada, leave room for artistic interpretation. That was recently revealed Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gimmighoul could represent casinos with its unique coin theme. Regardless of US state accuracy, most of the designs are impressive and could easily be featured as part of the upcoming 9.

So far, Pen Paladin has shared Pokemon designs for 20 of the 50 US states. Some of the unique designs, like California, could be viewed as regional variations on existing Pokémon. Regional variants were introduced back in Gen 7 with the release of Pokemon sun and moon. The forthcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will also have regional variants, although how many and which specific Pokemon are unknown at this point.

Reactions to Pen Paladin’s videos have been overwhelmingly positive with over a million views on TikTok to date. Fans have fun guessing why the AI ​​designed each Pokémon to represent their US state. For example based in Kansas Pokemon Fans shared that the AI-generated Pokémon for their state resembles the Kansas sun bear, while most comments called Florida’s Pokémon incredibly accurate for the Sunshine State’s culture. That Pokemon Community has already pre-ordered Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in record-breaking numbers, showing their collective enthusiasm for the franchise is nearing an all-time high.

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